Poker Players

This page is dedicated to get you all the information about your favourite poker players and we will also let you know where they play online poker, their full history and what screen names they are playing under.

Amarillo Slim – Thomas Preston was born on the 31st of December 1928 in Arkansas, Texas. After his parents split up he moved with his father to Amarillo, Texas, where he later got his name Amarillo Slim. As a teenager he started hustling pool in Texas for many years before he made the transition over to poker in the later years. Slim is also one of the best proposition bettors that has ever lived and in our article about Amarillo Slim you will be able to read about how he beat the 1939 Wimbledon Champion, Bobby Riggs playing table tennis using a Coke bottle instead of a paddle. Read the full bio >>

Doyle Brunson – A legend that needs little introduction, Brunson was born in August 10, 1933 and is still playing regularly nowadays at the age of 75. Having started out from poor humble origin, he is now viewed as one of the, if not the biggest poker veteran who moulded the poker game in what we have today. He is also popular for his books such as Super/ System and his own online gaming site, He has a record 10 WSOP bracelets and two Texas hold’em hands named after him. Learn the history behind the legendary ‘Texas Dolly’… Read the full bio >>

Phil Ivey – the unmatched Tiger Woods of Poker was born on February 1, 1976. He is a consistent poker player who has improved immensely doing well in tournaments and in cash games. Known as the guy who remained humble and reserved, he is a great observer and knows how important it is to keep working on one’s poker skills. This definitely shows during the game as he has achieved 3 WSOP bracelets, various WPT titles and world-wide recognition. Read the full bio >>

Patrik Antonius – Born in Finland on February 1, 1976, Patrik Antonius was an aspiring tennis player who followed his hobby of playing poker after a sport injury. Events did not turn out too bad for him with 33 cashes and 3 first place finishes. His betting skills and technical know-how have helped him progress to the success he has now gained at his relative young age. Read the bio of the Finnish with the looks and the skills to make it. Read the full bio >>

Daniel Negreanu – born on July 26, 1974 Negreanu, won his first WSOP at 23 years of age. He holds 2 WSOP, 2 WPT and many titles such as Card Player of the Year, Favourite Poker Player and WSOP Player of the Year Award. He is known as one of the best-liked players in poker and loved by many fans for being an integral player who really believes in the game. Now sponsored by PokerStars, he is one of the most successful poker tournament players. Read the full bio >>

Howard Lederer – brother to Annie Duke and born October 30, 1964, Howard Lederer is a Limit Hold’em lover and a coach to many poker players. He is a calm and a calculating persona at the poker table and well respected by the poker pros. Together with his sister, he made poker history, as they are the first siblings to reach the same final table at the WSOP. He is part of the ‘Team Full Tilt ‘and Poker Fantasy Camp where his clever commentary on the games earned him the nickname ‘The Professor’ Read the full bio >>

Chris “Jesus” Ferguson – Christopher ‘Jesus’ Ferguson was born on April 11, 1963 and is an atheist. Impossible to miss with his unique looks; cowboy hats and long hair, he is poker pro who holds five World Series of Poker bracelets. Ferguson is a man with high mathematical knowledge, who is an intelligent human observer able to get into the opponents’ head. As a poker player, he is tough competition as he hard to read and keeps a very intellectual approach to poker. Read the full bio >>

Vanessa Rousso – born February 5, 1983, Vanessa has everything going for her; sexy looks, poker knowledge, brains and fresh attitude. Half French and half American, she is the acclaimed ‘LadyMaverick’. Being a young good looking blonde amongst male players was not easy but she proved to all the critics that she is high-profile poker star gathering up titles and achievements. Read about this young poker queen who manages to balance a busy schedule of live tournaments, playing online and finishing a law degree. Read the full bio >>

Tom “durrrr” Dwan – The young ‘Durrrr’ is just 22, born July 30, 1986. He is a unique case in the poker world for having attained so much success in a short time. Just a couple of years ago he was just a college student with an interest in cards and now he s entering every tournament he can, which is sometimes restricted due to his age. Having accomplished more than many other older players, one can only wonder what he will have achieved by the age of 40. Read about this young man’s potential. Read the full bio >>

Mike “The Mouth” Matusow - Mike ‘The Mouth’ was born on April 30, 1968. He got his nickname due to his bad boy attitude and rude bully-like manners towards his competitors at the poker table. Having done jail term, he then got back to the game and is one of the best Omaha 8 players boasting 3 WSOP bracelets. Matusow is man who is both loved and hated in the poker world and definitely a force to be reckoned with. Read more about his poker antics and rocky road to success. Read the full bio >>

Chris Moneymaker – Born on November 21, 197, Chris portrays a story of inspiration to the poker beginners out there. He is the epitome of a fast and successful rise to poker stardom. He has his massive breakthrough at the 2003 WSOP, which geared up a phenomenon named the ‘Moneymaker Effect’. And yes Moneymaker is his real surname… Now a member on the Pokerstars team, this is the biography of a man who went from an everyday job to raising poker stakes with the legends. Read the full bio >>

Jennifer Harman – born November 29, 1964, Jennifer has been long in the game and her love for poker took her from waitressing to high rolling in Vegas. Known amongst her peers as an all-around player, she gained a reputation winning cash games, as well as in live tournaments. She is one of the best female poker pros out there and has seen it all from health problems to bankruptcy. Read more about her struggle to success and all her losses until she scored the big win. Read the full bio >>

Greg “Fossilman” Raymer - Born on November 30, 1963 ‘Fossilman’ Greg Raymer boasts 11 cash wins and a WSOP bracelet. Starting out as an amateur beginner on the felt, he has earned success during the World Series of Poker Championship. He now enjoys a rewarding sponsorship with Team PokerStars Pro and has marked his place in the poker history books. Read the full bio >>

Annie Duke – Annie Duke was born on September 13, 1965 and is the sister of poker pro Howard Lederer, who coached her into success. Considered the most famous woman in poker, she does not restrict herself to women only tournaments and has changed the way men view the sport of poker. Definitely a woman who can multitask, Annie competes in poker, raises money for charity, makes several T.V appearances, works at a software company and writes books as well as dedicating time to her 4 children. Read the full bio >>

Scotty Nguyen – Born in Vietnam, Nguyen has cashed in hundreds of tournaments over the years, including nearly 40 WSOP events, more than a dozen WPT tournaments, and countless events like the California State Poker Championship, Aussie Millions, Poker Superstars Invitational, U.S. Poker Bowl, Caribbean Poker Classic, Monte Carlo Millions and Austrian Masters. Through this, Scotty has preserved his humble character through the highs and lows of his life, as well as understanding the role his fans have played through his success. Read the full bio >>

Erik Seidel – Born in November 6, 1959 in New York City, Seidel went from backgammon professional to stock market trader to poker player master. Moving from table to table and now settled with Full Tilt, this man has little regrets. Seidel’s true passion is poker, poker and more poker. Read more about this poker pro with an astonishing list of amazing victories but who is still reminded of one loss during the 1988 World Series of Poker Main Event against the master Johnny Chan. Read the full bio >>

Johnny Chan – Born in 1957 in China, Johnny Chan is a major professional poker player with an impressive 10 WSOP bracelets. As of 2009, his total live tournament winnings exceed $7,900,000 and nowadays he is proving time and time again that he’s still a threat to get another bracelet. He is a skilled player who still aspires to achieve more in the future with a goal of opening his own casino. Read more about the boy who moved to the States and struggled to become what he is nowadays, definitely a force to be reckoned with who continues to make his mark in the poker world. Read the full bio >>

Phil Hellmuth Jr. – Born on the 16th July, 1964, Hellmuth is the greatest poker player to play the game. Read about his unrivalled record of 11 World Series of Poker championships and the set astounding records he laid for himself. In 1989, 24 year-old Hellmuth became the youngest person ever to win the WSOP Main Event by defeating two time defending champion Johnny Chan. His record as the youngest champ stood for 19 years. His net worth is staggering, due to the WSOP wins and an extensive list of main event finishes. Read the full bio >>

Gus Hansen – Born in 1974 in Denmark, Gus Hansen is often mistaken as a lucky, aggressive and erratic player. He is in fact a brilliant poker player. With no WSOP bracelet under his belt, he is one of only three players inducted into the World Poker Tour Poker Walk of Fame for winning three WPT events since 2002 and his all-time tournament winnings reach $5 million. With a trademark edgy style Hansen has sharpened up during his years playing as a pro. Read more about his talent with sometimes questionable playing tactics. Read the full bio >>

Johnny Moss – A poker legend who lived from 1907 till 1997, Moss went on to win the 1970, 1971, and 1974 World Series of Poker main events. Moss was sometimes called the “Grand Old Man” because of his long poker years and excellent play. The Texas Hold’em starting hand Ace-Ten is named in his honour “the Johnny Moss”. At over 70 years of age he won his last WSOP bracelet which gave him a great accomplishment. Read more about the many anecdotes during the life of poker’s finest champion of champions. Read the full bio >>

Huck Seed – Born in 1969 in Montana, Huck Seed is an incredibly all-rounded player. He is the 1996 World Series of Poker Main Event champion and holds four gold bracelets in three different game varieties. Even after such a big win, Seed kept a quiet persona at the poker table, with many opponents saying that it is this silence that makes him so intimidating. He is a professional player who wants his results to do the talking. Read more about his wins and bizarre proposition bets with fellow pros. Read the full bio >>

Clonie Gowen – Born in 1971 in Oklahaoma, Clonie Gowen is quite the poker expertise lending her knowledge as guest commentator for a lot of event and writing magazine columns. She is on the Board of Directors for the United States Poker Association and owns a stake in a poker school that teaches women the basics of tournament play. She followed up her Top 10 finish at the WPT Costa Rica Classic with a win a couple of WPT Ladies’ Night event. Read more about Clonie’s many business ventures and her poker wins. Read the full bio >>

Barry Greenstein – Born in Chicago in 1954, Barry Greenstein has placed well in more than 30 WSOP and 15 WPT events over the years. He is a nonstop ring-game action man but also amazingly humble a heart. Not many other players can boast such a list of achievements, especially at the World Series of Poker and on the World Poker Tour. Read more about this impressive and inspirational pro who gave so much to charity causes through the years. Read the full bio >>

Ted Forrest – Born in 1964 in New York, Forrest owns a list of very prestigious poker victories. He won three gold bracelets at the World Series of Poker for Seven-Card Stud, Omaha Hi-Lo and Razz in the same year and holds a total of five gold bracelets. With hundreds of crazy Ted Forrest stories, the man has done a lot of crazy proposition bets with other poker players. Read more about him betting on running a marathon or playing in the World Series of Poker in the bio of a multi-tasking gambler at heart. Read the full bio >>

Andy Beal – Born in 1952, Texas businessman, Andy Beal did not just make millions through his real-estate ventures. He excelled in the poker world when playing high stakes against The Corporation, a group of poker pros that included Brunson, Forrest, Ivey, Harman and Lederer. This turned out to be a series of now-legendary games that saw both Beal and the Corporation winning and losing millions of dollars in Vegas. Read more about this intriguing business mogul who gave the poker professionals a run for their money. Read the full bio >>

Victor Ramdin – Born in 1968, in a poor Guyana region, this poker pro has achieved a lot but given much more back to his community. He has done a lot of charity work with his people and donated one fourth of his poker earnings in the process. With a fantastic list of game accomplishments, he is a fast riser who started out just in 2002. Read more about this skilled and generous poker pro who shows that poker can instil many positive values. Read the full bio >>

Evelyn Ng – Born in 1975 in Toronto, Canada, Evelyn’s offers talent and strength to the game. She is known as a chip trick pro after her signature “butterfly” trick and has distracted other poker opponents at the felt. Evelyn comes across as a poker babe; tall, beautiful and proves to be a talented woman in the poker community. Read more about the babe who started out as a pool player and then was taken under Daniel Negreanu’s wing for mentoring.  Read the full bio >>

Jamie Gold – Born in Kansas in 1969, Jamie Gold has definitely raised some eyebrows and cased some heat in the poker world. He is a talent agent, producer and winner of the WSOP bracelet in 2006. Many see him as a mix between poker pro, a misunderstood participant or someone who just got some bad reputation and bad luck during the years. Read more about the pro who was the first person to eclipse the $10,000,000 mark in tournament poker. Read the full bio >>

Erick Lindgren – Born in 1976 in a small mountain town in Burney, California, Erick Lindgren is an accomplished and professional poker player. He is fuelled by his drive and competitive nature but is also a good-natured and generous persona. Read more about his success after success, his friendship with pro peer Daniel Negreanu and how his dedication to sports led him into the fame of the poker world. Read the full bio >>

Stu Ungar – Having lived from 1953 – 1998, Ungar is remembered as an unstoppable force in his early days in the poker world as he collected five World Series of Poker bracelets, was a three-time World Champion, and won ten major $5,000 or higher buy-in No-Limit Hold’em championship events. He was the best No-Limit Hold’em player in the history of poker. Read more about a life full of extraordinary wins but also of hard core drug abuse and a self-destructive lifestyle that took the best out of this legend. Read the full bio >>

Lacey Jones – Born in Texas in 1979, Lacey Jones showed an interest in card games at an early age but it was not until 2005 that she attended a big tournament through one of her many modelling jobs. She turns heads at the poker tables but others underestimating her skills only resulted in her taking over the cards and increasing her bankroll. Read more about the multi-faceted woman who took the poker world by storm. Read the full bio >>

Jerry Yang – Born in Laos, Southeast Asia in 1968 and then settled in California, Jerry Yang has accomplished what the poker player dreams of – a first-place win at the World Series of Poker Main Event. Read more about the man who now ranks 13th in the all time money list for live tournaments. … a pretty great achievement for an amateur who had only been playing poker as a hobby for two years. Read the full bio >>

Humberto Brenes – Born in 1951, Brenes is known as The Shark and ‘Godfather of Costa Rican’ in the poker community. His unique dress code makes him easy to spot at tournaments and he has become a familiar presence on the poker circuit. Humberto Brenes is one of the highest earning players in history. Read more about the former baccarat tournament player now turned poker tournament player. Read the full bio >>

Allen Cunningham – Born in 1977, Allen Cunningham started out with a civil engineer degree which he then made use of when he turned that analytical approach to the world of poker. Having 5 bracelets, Allen is now in the category of pros such as Chris Jesus Ferguson and Phil Ivey on the all-time bracelet list. Read more about this disciplined and respected player who is one of the current 16 pros who have earned five or more bracelets throughout their poker careers. Read the full bio >>

Antonio Esfandiari – Born in Iran in 1978, Esfandiari is one of poker’s most interesting players and was the youngest player ever to win a WPT event. 2004 was Antonio’s best year and got him on the 2004 Money List. Through the years, he has won over $2.27 million playing in poker tournaments and is 13th on the all time WPT money list. Read more about the former profession magician, now become a pro in the card-playing community or being fearless at the tables and holding the ability to read people. Read the full bio >>

Phil Gordon – Born in 1970, Gordon is a professional poker player, author, writer and commentator based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is well known with his peers for all the poker analysis, commentaries and charity work he did. At 6′9″ (2.06 m) tall, Gordon does not go unnoticed. Read more about the software engineer who became self-made millionaire at just 26 years of age and then found further luck in the poker world. Read the full bio >>

Dan Harrington – Born in 1945, Harrington is of a shy nature and avoids the media spotlight. He started out as a chess and backgammon player, then proceeded to the more lucrative poker game. Nowadays, he is 4th all-time on the career WSOP money list and has won nearly $4 million in tournament prize money Read more about this solid player who started out in the ‘80s and achieved many successes but still sees poker as a secondary profession. Read the full bio >>

Phil Laak – Born in 1972 in Dublin, Ireland, Laak grew up in the United States. He was the winner of the World Poker Tour title in 2004 and has since then appeared in numerous nationally-aired television shows. Read more about the Unabomber currently dating poker pro Jennifer Tilly who developed a card logic technique and a higher order thinking which aids him when playing tournaments. Read the full bio >>

Mike Sexton – Born in 1947, Sexton is known as being one of poker’s finest ambassadors to the world and as someone who his peer pros appreciate and learn from. His first major poker win was in 1989 when he won his WSOP bracelet for $1,500 in a Seven card stud split event. Read more about the nowadays chief commentator on the televised World Poker Tour series who is known as the face of poker by the media public. Read the full bio >>

Jennifer Tilly – Born in 1958, Jennifer Tilly started out acting movie roles such as in Seed of Chucky or Liar, Liar but then she developed a love for poker and is now a World Series of Poker champion. She became a high-profile player in the poker world and dates fellow pro and mentor Phill Laak. Read more about the Unabombshell, as she’s come to be known on the poker circuit, whose initial intention was just to act but has managed to prove just how smart of a poker player she can be. Read the full bio >>

Gavin Smith – Born in 1968, Gavin Smith won two tournaments, taking home more than $155,000 in the $2,000 No-Limit Hold ‘em event and more than $1.1 Million in the $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em World Poker Tour event and was then named WPT “Player of the Year”. He has achieved big cashes since he started out in1998 and reached two final tables soon after. Read more about the pro who has risen to prominence in the world of poker. Read the full bio >>

David Sklansky – Born in 1947, Sklansky is an expert and renowned poker author, winner of three World Series of Poker bracelets in the 1982 World Series of Poker and in the 1983 World Series of Poker. He is well known in the poker circuit for his 13 poker books, which he authored or co-authored. These books have been recommended by many poker professionals. Read more about the 3 time WSOP winner and acclaimed poker author. Read the full bio >>

Chip Reese – A Poker legend who lived from 1951 till 1997, Reese won two World Series of Poker bracelets for Seven-card Stud Hi/Lo (1978) and Seven-card Stud (1982). He was a regular at the Horseshoe Casino and frequently participated in high stakes games. In 2004, he made the final table at the Jack Binion World Poker Open in Tunica, Mississippi and placed fourth in his first televised appearance on the World Poker Tour. Read more about the youngest player to join the Poker Hall of Fame who is considered to be the best high-stakes cash game player in the world. Read the full bio >>

Peter Eastgate – Born in Denmark in 1985, Eastgate is one of the new young poker talents just discovered at the young age of 22. Read more about the youngest guy to win a WSOP Main Event and the second Dane to ever make the final table. Maybe in the future we will see him take over Phil Hellmuth’s title as the youngest poker player World Champion. Read the full bio >>