Poker Strategy

Here you will find some basic and some more advanced poker strategy articles that will hopefully help you improve your poker skills. We have a team of writers creating the poker strategy content for this page and they are full time poker professinals so make sure to bookmark this page and look back for the latest poker strategy articles.

Building a Poker Bankroll – In this article we will teach you how to build your poker bankroll without taking any big risks. This article will also teach you proper bankroll management and show you how important it is to handle your bankroll properly.

Five Important Tips for Online Poker Freerolls – In this article we will teach you the basics of playing in online poker freerolls and how to act in different situations. In most freerolls it is a lot of players going all in in the beginning but as the really fish players go out there is actaully room for some real strategy play.

Danger Starting Hands in Texas Hold ‘em – When playing Texas Hold ‘em one of the most important things to know is what hands you should play before the flop and which ones should go in the muck. In this article we cover some of the most dangerous starting hands and how you should deal with them.

Falling in Love with particular poker hands – To follow up on the article on danger starting hands we have written this article about the dangers of falling in love with particular starting hands without any good reson behind it. This article will open your eyes to the dangers of having a “favourite hand”.

Using poker forums to your advantage – Most poker forums out there are free for all members and on some of these forums you can get some really solid advice. In this article we will list the main reasons why your should become a member of a poker forum today.

Memory and reaction times – Remembering hoe the other players at the tables are acting in a particular situation is a crucial part of any kind of poker. But when playing online poker it is also very important to remember how much time the different players take to make their decisions and what hands they are holding in those different situations.

Having respect for money – If you don’t have respect for money it is just a matter of time before you are going to move up in limits too early and lose all your bankroll. If you respect money and play be the rules of bankroll management you will stand a much better chance of becoming a winning poker player.

Poker Staking – When accepting to play poker as a staked player there are a lot of things that you will need to think about. In this article we will go over all of the positive and negative things about playing as a staked player. If you are thinking about accepting a stake or staking another player we suggest you read this article first.

Playing against players with an opposite poker strategy – Sometimes when you play online poker you will find some really bad players at the table. It usually only takes a couple of hands to sport the truly bad ones. Once you have located the bad players at the table you will need to take advantage of them to win all their money. In order to beat these player you will sometimes have to adjust your strategy and in this articles we will tell you what adjustments you need to make.

Top 5 Texas Hold’em Tips – In this article we will give you our top 5 tips for becoming a better Texas Hold’em player. In order to improve as a poker player you will need to read a lot of articles and this article that we have put together for you is a good start before going over to the more advanded stuff.

The five most common mistakes in Texas Hold’em – Just like it is important to know the best tips for becoming a winning poker player it is also important to know the most common mistakes that are made so that you can avoid them. In this article we go over the 5 most common mistakes at the poker tables.

Top Five Omaha Poker Tips – We have put together this Omaha Poker strategy article for our readers that are looking to learn more about the game of Omaha Poker. In this article we will give you the 5 most important things you need to learn in order to become a successful Omaha player.

The 5 most common mistakes made in Omaha Poker – Before starting to play Omaha Poker it is important that you know exactly what you are getting yourself in to. In this article we go over the 5 most common mistakes made in Omaha poker.

How to play in the small blind – One of the basics that you need to learn in order to be able to become a profitable poker player is how to behave in the small blind. This article will show you how to play when you have the small blind in Texas Holdem.