Top 5 Texas Holdem Mistakes

Every time you make a mistake in poker, it costs you money. To be sure you don’t make your hobby to costly; we will inform you what the biggest mistakes are that are made in the game.

1 – Playing on tilt

Sometimes, you just can’t stop that red mist appearing. You’ve sat at a tournament for hours, having played flawless poker, and the bubble is approaching. Some idiot decides 72 off-suit is a good hand to play in early position and pushes all-in, beating your AA. Sure, it’s hard to digest, but would you prefer waking up the next morning with a healthy bankroll? Or with one which reads $0.13?

When the bad beats happen, simply turn the computer off! You can’t lose money if your not in the game. Then do something that you enjoy, something that will take your mind off what just took place.

2 – Distractions!

You must know what is more important to you, watching the big football match or continuing in your cash game. You cannot put full attention into both so in order to stop you from losing money just pick one! If you do other activities when playing poker you will never be able to play you’re A game, which leads to money being thrown away.

3 – Playing too many hands

Poker is a game of selection. Selection of hands, position, sites etc. Playing too many hands can be highly dangerous to your bankroll. Some players have obviously made a magnificent living from playing a wide range of hands, Gus Hansen for example, but the majority of winning poker players will not play more hands then they have to. Simple pick your spots, throw away the rubbish and you will find your bankroll grow steadily.

4 – Playing too much

No matter how much you love the game, everybody needs a rest. Players who play 16+ hours a day simply do not put in their best game in each and every game, and they suffer for that. There is no way you should be playing more then 4 hours sessions, unless you are a MTT player. After around 4 hours, your concentration will start to lapse and you make mistakes more frequently. This amount of time is different for anyone, but 4 hours is surely enough for any human being. The games will still be there when you come back, so don’t force yourself to continue when you know you need a break.

5 – Playing too many tables

Multi tabling is a great way to earn more profit from your playing time, but if you are winning less money then you would be from just concentrating on 1 table, you are shooting yourself in the foot. You have to find the right amount of tables for you to be comfortable but also make the most profit you can. There is no use in playing 18 tables making $1/hr per table when you can make $20/hr playing one table. You would also put yourself under much less stress and be able to enjoy the game more.