Falling in love with Particular poker hands

Newer players don’t fully understand the value of hands. They see a good starting hand and expect it to go to showdown and win a huge pot. Unfortunately, online poker doesn’t work like this and it will lose you a lot of money if you think this way.

Falling in love with a hand is highly dangerous. Sure that AQ looks good before the flop, but if don’t connect with the flop you have to let the hand go.

It is a real beginner misconception to get attached to certain hands and is one that will cause them a huge amount of trouble almost every time they pick up their hand.

The same applies to people who elect a favourite hand. Many people nominate their favourite hand based on a hand which won them a big pot, but they do not realise that the amount of money they lose with that hand there after, amasses to much more then that pot brought them. People will often play these hands from any position, meaning they are putting themselves into huge trouble being out of position with a marginal hand. They may also win a few small pots with the hand, which only increases their attachment to it.

Most people’s favourite hand will be a suited connector, such as J 10, which is a decent hand but nothing special. Getting attached to hands is a dangerous decision, be prepared to muck hands which do not improve and never elect a favourite hand.