Top 5 Omaha Poker Mistakes

Omaha is a huge game to learn and play, so making mistakes is inevitable. Hopefully, using this article you can reduce the amount of mistakes you make some extra money for yourself.

1 – Playing the wrong hands

I have seen so many hands where players have gone all-in before the flop with hands such as A-A-A-9 and K-K-10-10 and I can never understand their logic. Pocket pairs and trips are just not the strength they are in Hold’em, so be ready to let them go.

2 – Not reading the board

It is a common tendency when moving from one game to another to adopt the same style to both games. This will end in a major deficit in your favour, as reading the board in Omaha is much more complicated. Remember each player has 4 cards, so the likeliness of a player making a hand is much higher. You must be aware of each and every community card and work out what your opponent could be holding.

3 – Jumping straight in

“I’ve played Hold’em for years, I’m sure Omaha will be a piece of cake!”. Omaha is a whole new ball game, you must take the same steps you first took when learning Hold’em. Play the play money tables; read books, articles anything you can get your hands onto.

4 – Suited Hands

Many people know that suited hands are strong in Omaha, but because of this they play any hand with 2 suited cards in. Just because your 2 and K are suited doesn’t make your hand worthy of playing. The best suited cards are of course suited connectors, so don’t steer too far away from these types of hands.

5 – Not picking on the worse players

Once you are a relatively competent Omaha player, you should be able to pick out the players who have obviously strayed away from the Hold’em tables. When this happens, be sure to bully them and get involved in as many hands as possible with them. You will find they won’t mind pushing all-in with pocket pairs, calling down with 2 pair etc.