Danger Starting Hands in Texas Holdem

Beginner poker players have a hard time placing a value on hands without studying the game, as all poker players do when they have had little experience at the game. This however, puts them in awkward positions when playing hands pre flop and ends up losing them a significant amount of money.

Most beginner players over value hands which puts them in trouble in later streets and increases their voluntarily put money into the pot percentage, which gives other players at the table the image you are a fish. This also limits them as they cannot bluff as freely as they would like to and they will also get caught out much more often when trying a bluff.

So what are the most dangerous starting hands that new players over value and take huge losses because of?

Pocket Jacks

A lot of players, seasoned and new, overvalue pocket Jacks. They look down and see a great starting hand and to be fair, it is a good starting hand. But by over valuing it and not taking into account the amount of players in the hand and the texture of the flop, they put themselves in real danger of losing their stack.

Of course it is worthy of a pre flop raise, but you must be careful if you are facing a raise or re-raise. I could suggest to just flat call and raise on the flop and consider folding if it is a solid player who has made a re-raise. Most beginners will probably be reading this will probably think I am crazy, but it is the smart play to make. If you are up against any over pair, you are a huge underdog. Also if the board has any over cards you are in high danger and cannot commit your chips in the hope they are not holding any of the pairing cards.

Ace – Queen

In position this is a good solid starting hand, but when you are in early position it is a very risky hand to play. A lot of players feel this hand is good enough to risk all their chips with and if you use any poker software, check and see how much money you have won or lost with ace queen. My guess is you have made a loss? Anyway, if you are in late position it has to be raised, otherwise I would flat call in early positions and fold to any big raise.

J – 10 suited

This is a lot of poker player’s favourite hand, as you have many draws and any straight you make with this hand will always be the nut straight. However, people over play the hand dramatically. It is almost laughable how many players consider this hand is worthy of risking all their chips with, although if I am playing these players I will be counting up their money after the session.

Early position you always have to fold this hand, there are no excuses. Middle position it may be worth flat calling or maybe a raise depending on the style of your table and the skill level of your opponents. Late position you can get away with a raise as long as players before you haven’t raised the action and there aren’t too many callers.