Top 5 Omaha Poker Tips

1 – Remind yourself you aren’t playing Hold’em

The worst Omaha players are often those who have ventured from the Hold’em tables, simply because they think they are playing the same game, just with 2 extra cards. Being technical, that is the game, but there is a whole lot more to the game then that.

2 – Learning the starting hands

Strong starting hands in Omaha are very much different then those in Hold’em. Holding Aces in Hold’em is an unbeatable starting hand; however in Omaha it is very mediocre. The best starting hands in Omaha are those that have a good chance of making you large straights, flushes etc. as these are often the winning hands at showdown, and the hands which scoop the largest pots.

3 – Being wary of the nuts

This may seem unthinkable to some people, but the nuts are not always unfoldable in Omaha. You can still be a underdog in Omaha when you hold the nuts, simply because there are some many draws out there that your opponents can hit. Having the nut straight on a flush drawing board is often the hand which busts many players, because there is often more then 1 player chasing each draw.

4 – Do less bluffing

Bluffing is a very hard tool to pull of in Omaha, because it is not very often that there is a table full of players without a hand to call. The amount of cards on the table means there is a much bigger chance fo somebody holding a big hand then in Hold’em, so bluffing become extremely hard. Also with the amount of draws often populating the board, players will be hard to budge from a hand which only needs one remaining hand.

5 – Bankroll Management

Omaha is a much more aggressive form of poker then most other variants, so you must be well equipped to play each level. Because of this, you require more buy-ins then you would for Hold’em, as you will find yourself going all in much more, assuming you are playing Pot Limit Omaha. For Fixed Limit, around 100x the big blind is advised, however you should never put the whole amount on one table.