Playing against opponents with opposite strategy

Players who obtain an opposite strategy are normally either new to poker or are generally bad players. They are sometimes known as “backward players” because they have a style of play completely different to good, solid players.

They play aggressively when they have absolutely nothing, but when they have caught a hand they tighten up dramatically and will let the opponent do the betting. It is really obvious to identify these players within just a few hands with them. If you observe the way they play and see a couple of their hands which go to showdown, it should be pretty easy to decide if they are backward or not.

This poker strategy seems silly, however it will work sometimes. If they are on a table with bad players, they will get paid off with their monster hands as players will think they are a really aggressive player, so when they show weakness they bet out into them. Also if they win a large hand doing this, then when they reverse into the aggressive player once more, their opponents will avoid them, meaning numerous small pots being won by them.

We wouldn’t recommend you play with this style, as it is a very risky and poor way to play most of the time.

To play against this type of player is incredibly easy once you have figured out their style. Simply, show aggression as and when they do and be prepared to fold if they play unusually passive against you. It really is as easy as that.