Top 5 Texas Hold’em Tips

Poker is a game of great skill, so picking up valuable tips along your career are sure to help you become a successful player.

1 – Use poker analysis software

Poker analysing software is perhaps the most effective way to get information on your opponents without cheating! The software does everything for you, so all you have to worry about is using the information it presents. It analyses each and every hand which is dealt at the table and provides you with vital statistics on all aspects of your opponents play. It will tell you how often they 3-bet, their aggression ratio, the positions they limp in etc. This is especially important if you are a multi tabling player, as it is near impossible to fully concentrate on every single opponent and how they act all of the time. There is no doubt players win rate soars massively when they purchase a piece of software.

2 – Play within your bankroll

The number one reason for players going bust is playing outside of their bankroll. It’s pretty obvious that putting all of your chips on one table is sure to end in tears, yet poker forums are always filled with people berating other players for busting them. There is no fixed amount of buy ins to accumulate before you move up to each level, but most people feel comfortable when they have 20x the maximum buy-in in their account.

3 – Be patient

If you are naturally a very inpatient person, it’s fair to say poker is not the game for you. The game requires a huge amount of patience, as you will find yourself going through periods of time without picking up a worthy hand. When you endure dry spells, you must continue on with your normal game, and not become disheartened by your current lack of cards.

4 – Pick the right tables

We are not saying you should wait for hours for a good table to appear, but there is no use planting yourself onto a table where you are the worse player. It’s very simple to find which tables are the juiciest simply by looking at the lobby. They provide players with statistics such as players per flop and average pot which tells you the dynamics of the table and what sort of players are populating it. Even when you venture onto the table you should sit out for a few minutes and just observe the other players to pick up any information.

5 – Become a bookworm

Start reading! Its good for your brain and your poker game will come along too. There are tons of poker books available, or if you don’t feel like spending simply join a few poker forums. The value of reading a decent poker book is immeasurable, as it lets you into a whole other way of thinking about poker, providing you pick a decent book.