Using Poker Forums to your advantage

There are hundreds of poker forums on the internet, but only a few are active and worth while to a poker player. You may be wondering how exactly you can use a poker forum to your advantage, but actually there are a few ways. We will list them below, with a brief explanation as to how they will benefit you.

Asking for help on your strategy

On some poker forums, members are happy to advise players on their poker strategy and improving their game. All you have to do is post up some of your hand histories where you feel you may be able to improve and then wait for the replies of other members. You may find some people give you bad advice or ridicule your play, however there will be some golden advice given, which you should act upon.

Keeping up to date with poker news

There is no better way to keep up to date with poker news then at a poker forum. Their will be threads made constantly containing poker information as and when it happens. This will give you a better insight to the industry and may give you a good read.

Player Experiences

If you are looking to play at a new poker room, you may be able to find some running threads about said room which contain information posted by members who have tested the site. It may save you a lot of money if the room is a rogue site not paying out withdrawals for example. Also you may find a better room recommended by several members which caters for players much better then the one you are interested in. If you can’t find a running thread about the room, create one. This will give you the most up to date information from players and should help you to no end when making your decision.

Staking and Coaching

Some poker forums allow members to offer their staking and coaching services. This is extremely helpful if you are a winning player, but under current circumstances you haven’t got a bankroll and cannot deposit. Also if you would like professional help to improve your poker skills, a coach can do wonders for your game for a reasonable price.

Have fun!

If you’re suffering from tilt or a huge downswing, participating in a forum can help ease the pain. Many threads on poker forums have nothing to do with poker, which will take your mind off poker completely.