Free Poker Strategy book

March 24, 2010

One of the web’s leading poker strategy website has released a poker strategy ebook and you can get yours right now for free. recently announced that they were giving away a free poker ebook that describes effective 6 player Sit’n’Go tactics. The free book covers all critical areas of the game and includes some bankroll management information.

You can tell that the information provided in the free poker strategy ebook is solid just by reading the introduction. The author clearly illustrates why strategy at a 6 player table is completely different than strategy at a 10 player table. You’ll see the mathematical explanation of why you’ll be in the big blind position 2.7 times more frequently than at a 10 player table, and that’s really an eye opener for most poker players.

The book talks about other important concepts, like table position, player image, stack size, blind levels, turbo SNGs vs regular paced SNGs. Poker players around the world have paid over $50 to learn these poker lessons from other commercial ebooks. says its mission is to provide free quality information on poker strategy, and that’s why the book is available at no cost. To get it, you just need to sign up to their free newsletter and you’ll get your ebook via email. It’s simple and convenient. also recognizes that the educated poker player understands that there’s good and bad deals out there. You’ll find the best poker rakeback offers along with great deposit bonus promotions at Poker rakeback is a must for any serious poker player. Consider this: If you’re a break even player right now, and you’re not on rakeback, simply switching to a poker rakeback account will instantly turn you into a winning player. Rakeback is now available to anyone, and it’s absolutely free. Why pay more rake when you don’t need to? It makes no sense.

One thing will always be true about online poker: There’s always going to be people making money, and people losing money. The very nature of poker involves a transfer of cash from one player to the next. Which side do you want to be on? works hard at getting you to the winning side, and giving you great value in the process. You can read about poker strategy on Texas Holdem, Omaha, Draw Poker, Stud Poker and RAZZ. It’s a very comprehensive website site that keeps getting better and better. Check them out, and don’t forget to grab your free poker strategy ebook. If you’re not on rakeback yet, check out their poker rakeback offers.

Online Gambling Websites for Mac Users

March 24, 2010

maclogoMac users looking to gamble online are often left out in the cold, whether it’s online casino games or poker games. However, there are an increasing number of websites out there that offer Mac compatible games – you just have to know where to look. Luckily there are some sites popping up that are committed to finding Mac online gaming sites – and we’ve found some great resources.

If you’re a Mac user looking for online poker, the first place you should look is Mac Online Poker. This site has been around for over five years now and has listed the most popular places to play real online poker on a Mac. This site finds and reviews any Mac poker software, so you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for if you’re a poker lover and you’ve got a Mac computer. This site also has a casino section for Mac users looking to play blackjack, slots, roulette, and other popular casino games.

The next good resource we’ve found for Mac online gamblers is at Mac Slots. Slot machines are typically the most popular games in any casino, so finding a site dedicated to Mac online slots is definitely going to be of help to some people. This site has a bunch of Mac casino reviews, slots reviews, and lots of other information about slots – including how to play, different slots games, and even popular slots terminology.

The fact remains that the most variety for online gambling is available to PC users, but that’s changing every day. As Mac computers become more popular, the demand for online Mac poker and casino games is rising constantly and online casinos are finally recognizing that trend. Many online casinos are now launching more Mac compatible games, and Mac users are finally able to take home their fair share of the online jackpots.

Online Casino Tips

March 23, 2010

baccaratSo you have found a great online casino to play on, but you still want to learn more so you can be sure you get the most out of your experience. By educating yourself on some things you can do to make sure you enjoy yourself more, you will be guaranteed an exciting time. Here are some tips which are very simple for you to follow, but that can make a big difference:

The first thing you will want to do is to make sure you familiarize yourself with the features and customization options offered at the online casino you play on. Many players rush in to playing without really looking around at everything a casino has to offer. They are only short changing themselves and could have an even better time if they knew about all of the features. Some online casino sites even offer sports betting and online poker, which tend to be a plus for most gamblers.

You will also want to have a way of keeping up with the great promotions which are currently happening, or going to be happening in the near future at the casinos you play on. Make it a point to check back often so you don’t miss out on a great opportunity. Here at you will always find the best current promotions that are running.

You should be open-minded about the games you choose to play. You may have joined the online casino to play a particular game. However, it’s always exciting to enjoy a few other games now and again. If you are leery because you don’t have any experience playing a certain game, learning to do so is much easier and less stressful on an online casino. For example, if you’re not familiar with how to play Baccarat, you can give it a try for play money so that next time you are at a live casino you feel comfortable sitting down at the table. You should take the opportunity to learn and get in on even more fun and chances to win!

Remember that playing games online is supposed to be fun. If you find that you are starting to become irritated, then you will want to log off for awhile and take a break. Come back on and play again later when you are in a better frame of mind.

It’s never fun to lose money, especially if it’s money you can’t afford to lose. This is why it is important that you stick to a budget. You will want to only play with money you can afford to lose. If you win, it’s always a good idea to save the winnings and still stick to your budget. This is the best way for you to actually come out ahead and keep the profit from your wins.

Poker – improve your skills

March 23, 2010

If you want to play poker at a high quality level, you will need a combination of strategy skills and good luck. However, you can improve your skills by playing on a regular base. This will positively enhance your win/loss ratio.

Keep in mind the following tips, when you strive for improving your poker skills:

· Never drink and play

· Know your own playing limits

· Manage your bankroll wisely

· Always pace yourself when playing for money

It might be a good strategy to set an amount to wager with and never to exceed it.

In online poker rooms you have lots of possibilities to gain poker playing experience. Most reputable online casinos offer great poker platforms, where you can play just for fun without risking any money. Of course there are differences between playing in an online poker room and playing offline in some casino. However, the similarities are apparent. Most important is to know the rules of the game well enough to react confidently when the cards are dealt. When playing poker online, there is no need of a poker face; this should not minimize the impact of a poker game online.

It requires a lot of practice to learn how to start a poker game. You need to get experienced in how to wager a fat bankroll, when it is advised to fold, when to hold, how to pace the game in a skillful way, when to play big or small, and when to back out. If you only start to play poker now, you can get important tips and tricks in online poker schools that are offered by many poker providers. This will surely help you to understand the game better. What online poker rooms earn from poker games is only the rake – a small cut on money. That’s why it is in their own interest that the players understand the game and enjoy playing poker.

The Recent Phenomenon Of Instant Poker

March 20, 2010

randomcardsIt seems that a new variant of online poker is currently booming in the United States. Instant Poker was first introduced by some major poker sites (Party Poker in particular) in an effort to better streamline their product across systems and player scenarios. For example, a player at work will be looking to play in his browser rather than to download software. That way no traces are left on his business machine. Others will have access to lower throughput connections, and will simply want to bypass download times. Although Party Poker had one of the original no-download poker clients, their strategy has been mirrored by other operators such as Ultimate Bet and Bodog. Today, Instant Poker clients are the shortest distance between a prospective online player and the virtual felt. was conceived to fulfill your immediate poker needs. It is a solid resource that can serve as a compass if you are just starting out. The site even hosts a small poker client for visitors to try out (no sign-up is required). currently lists and reviews the best instant holdem clients. They are typically based on Java and playable via your own internet browser. The best ones to date are the following: Ultimate Bet, Bodog, Absolute Poker and Party Poker.

What limitations do the no-download versions have ? Surprisingly little. Yes, you can still use them to play real money. Some may have restrictions on the range of games that you can play, but this is uncommon. As a rule, there is nothing that should prevent you from using the instant version if you prefer. In some instances, you may loose some slight graphical rendering. However, this isn’t what’s going to make or break your poker career. In fact, I personally like my poker clients to be as bare bones as possible in an effort to prevent stalling at all costs.

A question that is often asked is whether new players still need to register for the instant play clients. The answer is “yes” of course. This process varies in time length but is generally significantly shorter than downloading. The poker websites need to keep track of their user base and your information will be safely stored in their database.

What does the future look like for instant poker sites ? Very positive to say the least. As the hardware requirements to play online poker loosen, new platforms like the iPhone will be be ideal to play a few hands of your favorite game.

Live Blackjack Tournaments at Rushmore Online Casino

February 23, 2010

RushmoreBlackjackYes, we are aware of the fact that this is mainly an Online Poker News site but sometimes we come across things related to gambling that we just can’t keep to ourselves.

We have to admit that the staff here at are a bunch of gambling degenerates and we bet on just about anything. We a have just tried out the live blackjack tournaments at Rushmore Casino and we are all really impressed by this concept. I don’t know if this is something new to the rest of you but it was for me.

The blackjack tournaments at Rushmore Casino are available in either SNG style mode or in a MTT format if you put it in poker terms. In each of the tournaments you are playing 10 hands of blackjack and the player who accumulates the most chips at the end of those 10 hands wins the tournament, it’s as simple as that.

What we like about this concept is that there is no “house edge” in this type of blackjack as the house is just acting as the dealer while you are competing against the other players at the table.

If you have not yet tried out the live blackjack tournaments at the Rushmore Online Casino then we can really recommend you give it a try. It’s a lot of fun. Entering New Markets

February 20, 2010

PBS, a website reviewing online poker rooms and their bonuses and promotions are continuing to expand their website with more languages. The latest additions to the site is in Czech and in Latvian. The decision to create the Latvian and Czech version of the site was taken when the people behind this poker bonus site realized that there were hardly any good poker review sites on the market in those particular languages.

At they now have 18 different languages available and according to their own official statement they are in the works of adding Lithuanian and Estonian to the website as well.

Here at we have witnessed the enormous growth of this site since it’s launch back in 2004 and we are very impressed with what they have accomplished since then. It really is a great resource for poker players looking for the latest promotions from the most popular online poker rooms out there.

About a new poker resource:

February 4, 2010 commonly referred to as TOPS, is a new resource that was built for poker enthusiasts.

The idea for TOPS started when a former online poker player decided to help out beginners and shorten their learning curve.

Having been through the arduous process of starting online poker from scratch, and being self-taught, he had numerous tips to offer.

He could see new poker players benefiting from his experience, and the techniques he had accrued over time.

Accordingly, he decided to create a poker guide, and his project was destined to become

Not only does the site have great artwork and a professional design, it also has much more to offer:

* A previously kept-hidden compilation of the top three easiest poker sites

* Information on how to play all the best forms of poker available today

* Tactical advice to make profitable bets at the poker table

* Internet poker room reviews, rating everything from game play, software performance and quality, to competition.

* System requirements of the individual sites to make sure you’re always compatible

* A summary of all the best ways to deposit money in online poker accounts

* Bonuses and Promo codes to keep players and their bankrolls happy

In the future, TOPS plans to to expand from its existing content, and provide a lot more information.

They are expecting to interview some online poker player celebrities in the next couple of months.

The ultimate goal is to make T.O.P.S the single most helpful resource for new poker players online.

We look forward to having you peruse the quality content over at !

Online Sportsbook Launched

January 26, 2010

titanbetFirst came the online poker room Titan Poker back in 2005 when they joined the PlayTech powered iPoker Network. After that we got to see the launch of the brand new PlayTech powered Titan Casino last year. Now they are taking it a step further and launching an online sportsbook that will go under the name of All that’s missing under the Titan umbrella now is a bingo site and they will have the full gambling portfolio completed.

To attract new customers to TitanBet they are now offering a very generous sports betting bonus of 100% up to $250. This means that a first deposit of $250 will give you a $500 bankroll to use in their brand new sportsbook.

A very nice feature at the Titan Bet sportsbook is the live betting platform where you can bet on matches as they are being played. This is very good if you should happen to miss the start of a game but still want to place a bet.

It should be said that the Titan Bet sportsbook is still in BETA testing but so far we have not heard any reports about bugs or other problems. The people who have been trying out this sportsbook have been more than pleased with the odds and customer service offered.

If you already have an account at Titan Poker then you don’t have to create a new account in order to get access to Titan Bet as you can use the same wallet to play at both places.

For those of you who have yet to create an account you can click this link to get straight to the TitanBet website where you can claim your free $250 bonus. If you are looking for a TitanBet bonus code you will have to wait until next month when the good people at Titan are revamping their bonus system.

Absolute Poker Reload Bonuses

December 31, 2009

absolutepokerbonusAbsolute Poker is one of the greatest player-retaining sites of all time. I can’t think of any other poker site that works as hard to keep players coming back for more. For players serious about building their bankrolls, the constant poker reload bonuses at Absolute Poker are perfect. These reload bonuses allow all players a chance to get even more deposit bonuses than just the first one.

The Absolute Poker website states that you can expect to see a reload bonus 6 or 7 times every month. The size of those bonuses ranges from 15% to 100% and maxes out at $500. The sheer quantity of bonuses is more than enough to keep plenty of money coming in every month – and that’s in addition to your regular winnings.

How to Get Your Bonuses

Absolute Poker announces each reload bonus within the poker lobby and by e-mail. You can get signed up for notification by visiting the website and creating an account. When you do so, remember to sign up with the Absolute Poker referral code PBS500. That bonus code will get you an extra 150% on your first deposit there.

After you have an account with Absolute Poker, you’ll automatically be sent updates on the latest reload bonuses. You can check manually by downloading the software and opening the poker lobby any time. You’ll also be sent e-mails whenever Absolute Poker extends another reload bonus.

Your e-mail alerts will also include the special bonus codes you need to type in to receive your reload bonus. When you make your deposits, you’ll see a space that asks for your bonus code. Just type in the code you received in your e-mail and you’ll get your bonus.

Note – the very first time you deposit at Absolute Poker, you’ll be asked to type in your bonus code. Just use the referral code PBS500 here as well. For all new players, the referral code and bonus code are the same.

Clearing Absolute Poker Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses at Absolute Poker are cleared in the same manner as the first time deposit bonus. For every bonus dollar you receive, you’ll have to earn 20 Status Points by playing in real money poker games. Every time you earn enough Status Points to clear $10 worth of bonus money, that money is moved from your bonus account to your real money account.

As you move up in levels in the Absolute Poker FAME Club, it will actually get easier for you to clear your bonuses. There are 5 levels in the FAME Club and they require the following number of Status Points per bonus dollar:

Level Status and Points per Dollar
Bronze 20
Silver 20
Gold 20
Platinum VIP 18
Diamond Elite 17

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