About a new poker resource: toponlinepokersites.org

February 4, 2010

Toponlinepokersites.org commonly referred to as TOPS, is a new resource that was built for poker enthusiasts.

The idea for TOPS started when a former online poker player decided to help out beginners and shorten their learning curve.

Having been through the arduous process of starting online poker from scratch, and being self-taught, he had numerous tips to offer.

He could see new poker players benefiting from his experience, and the techniques he had accrued over time.

Accordingly, he decided to create a poker guide, and his project was destined to become http://toponlinepokersites.org

Not only does the site have great artwork and a professional design, it also has much more to offer:

* A previously kept-hidden compilation of the top three easiest poker sites

* Information on how to play all the best forms of poker available today

* Tactical advice to make profitable bets at the poker table

* Internet poker room reviews, rating everything from game play, software performance and quality, to competition.

* System requirements of the individual sites to make sure you’re always compatible

* A summary of all the best ways to deposit money in online poker accounts

* Bonuses and Promo codes to keep players and their bankrolls happy

In the future, TOPS plans to to expand from its existing content, and provide a lot more information.

They are expecting to interview some online poker player celebrities in the next couple of months.

The ultimate goal is to make T.O.P.S the single most helpful resource for new poker players online.

We look forward to having you peruse the quality content over at toponlinepokersites.org !


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  1. braydenmark on February 8th, 2010 9:20 pm

    Different people have different styles of playing, but playing poker needs the unique way to win. So if you go through this site you will have a brief idea regarding how to play poker in online.

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