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March 24, 2010

One of the web’s leading poker strategy website has released a poker strategy ebook and you can get yours right now for free. recently announced that they were giving away a free poker ebook that describes effective 6 player Sit’n’Go tactics. The free book covers all critical areas of the game and includes some bankroll management information.

You can tell that the information provided in the free poker strategy ebook is solid just by reading the introduction. The author clearly illustrates why strategy at a 6 player table is completely different than strategy at a 10 player table. You’ll see the mathematical explanation of why you’ll be in the big blind position 2.7 times more frequently than at a 10 player table, and that’s really an eye opener for most poker players.

The book talks about other important concepts, like table position, player image, stack size, blind levels, turbo SNGs vs regular paced SNGs. Poker players around the world have paid over $50 to learn these poker lessons from other commercial ebooks. says its mission is to provide free quality information on poker strategy, and that’s why the book is available at no cost. To get it, you just need to sign up to their free newsletter and you’ll get your ebook via email. It’s simple and convenient. also recognizes that the educated poker player understands that there’s good and bad deals out there. You’ll find the best poker rakeback offers along with great deposit bonus promotions at Poker rakeback is a must for any serious poker player. Consider this: If you’re a break even player right now, and you’re not on rakeback, simply switching to a poker rakeback account will instantly turn you into a winning player. Rakeback is now available to anyone, and it’s absolutely free. Why pay more rake when you don’t need to? It makes no sense.

One thing will always be true about online poker: There’s always going to be people making money, and people losing money. The very nature of poker involves a transfer of cash from one player to the next. Which side do you want to be on? works hard at getting you to the winning side, and giving you great value in the process. You can read about poker strategy on Texas Holdem, Omaha, Draw Poker, Stud Poker and RAZZ. It’s a very comprehensive website site that keeps getting better and better. Check them out, and don’t forget to grab your free poker strategy ebook. If you’re not on rakeback yet, check out their poker rakeback offers.


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