Absolute Poker $500K+ Weekends

December 29, 2009

absolutepokerbonusAbsolute Poker is one of the biggest poker sites but they have always lagged a little behind Full Tilt and PokerStars in terms of tournament volume. In recent months, Absolute Poker has worked to correct that by adding new tournaments, bringing in more players and guaranteeing more prize money.

With those goals in mind, Absolute Poker recently doubled the amount of guaranteed tournament money it gives away each weekend. Instead of guaranteeing a total of $200,000 in tournaments, Absolute Poker is now giving away more than $500,000 in guaranteed prize money every weekend.

That’s not total prize money; that’s just money that Absolute Poker promises will be there. If any guaranteed tournament falls short of its guarantee, Absolute Poker makes up for it by donating money directly to the prize pool. This means that no matter how many people show up, you’ll always know the prize pool will at least meet the guaranteed amount.

There are a few smaller tournaments that bring the total to more than $500,000 every weekend but the ones listed below are the biggest. You can find out more by visiting Absolute Poker and downloading the software. Remember to use the Absolute Poker referral code PBS500 when you sign up so you can claim your 150% sign up bonus.

$200,000 Guaranteed Sunday

This tournament is held every Sunday at 4:00 PM ET. You can buy in directly for $215 or win your way in for as little as a couple dollars. You will start out with 3,000 chips in this tournament and win a $215 bounty if you knock out any of the Absolute Team Pros.

$100,000 Guaranteed Sunday

The $100K is held every Sunday at 2:00 PM ET. You can play in both tournaments if you want but be aware that if you do well in both, you’ll end p playing in both at the same time. The buyin for the $100K is $530 but there are plenty of satellites for which you can win seats for free. You will begin with 3,000 chips in this tournament as well.

$50,000 Guaranteed Saturday

Don’t let the smaller prize pool throw you off; a strong finish in this tournament will net you a fat wad of cash. On top of that, you can use this tournament to prep up for the big money Sundays at Absolute Poker. The tournament costs $320 and everyone begins with 5,000 chips. You can join in the action every Saturday at 2:55 PM ET.

Sniper $40,000 Guaranteed

The Sniper $40K costs $130 and takes place every Sunday at 9:00 PM ET. There is a $10 bounty on each player’s head, which means you’ll win $10 for every player you knock out. You can buy in directly or play in a variety of satellites to win your way in at a fraction of the cost.

Sniper $25,000 Guaranteed

The Sniper $25K costs $130 and is hosted every Saturday at 9:00 PM ET. $10.00 out of every buyin goes to the bounty. Every time you knock someone out, you collect $10.00 as their bounty.


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