Full Tilt Poker Referral Code

As a new player at about to sign up at FullTilt Poker there are a couple of things that you should know about the promotions that they offer. Most of the promotions on FullTilt are available to all players but some of them require a special referral code. When using the Full Tilt Poker referral code PRULESNET you will get a 100$ signup bonus up to the maximum bonus amount of $600. But on top of this bonus you will also be able to take part of a couple of freerolls every year that are only open to player at who created their account using this referral code. On this page we will give you all the information that you need about the current promotions at FullTilt.

How to get the $600 bonus at Full Tilt Poker

Getting started with the first deposit bonus at Full Tilt Poker is really simple. All you need to do is to make sure that you enter the FullTilt referral bonus code during the signup process and you will be good to go. After using this referral code the 100% match bonus will be instantly credited to your pending bonus account once your make your first real money deposit to your Full Tilt Poker account. If you make a $200 first deposit for example you will get a $200 bonus credited to your pending bonus account where it will be held and released in increments of $20.

How to clear the FullTilt bonus

When you have made your first deposit and the bonus is locked up in your pending bonus account you will need to play at the real money tables in order to clear this bonus. When you are playing in cash games or in tournaments you will be earning FullTilt player points which are going to go towards clearing your bonus. Every player point that you earn is worth $0.06 towards your bonus which means that for every 333 player points you earn by playing poker you will get $20 of the bonus released to your real money account. Once the bonus is cleared you can make a withdrawal or you can add it to your bankroll. You will keep getting $20 released to your account for every 333 players points until you clear the full bonus amount. You have 120 days to clear the FullTilt bonus before it will be removed from your account, obviously the bonus that you have already cleared before this 120 day time period will be yours to keep.

How the Full Tilt Poker Player Points System works

As we told you before the player points that you earn by playing for real money att FullTilt will be calculated towards clearing your bonus. When playing in cash games at FullTilt you will earn 1 player point for every dollar that is taken out in rake from every pot that you are playing. Since the maximum rake per hand at Full Tilt Poker you will be able to earn up to 3 player points in every hand that you play.

When playing in sit and go’s and tournaments you will be earning 7 player points for every dollar that you pay in tournament fees. With this point system you will be earning 14 player points when buying in to a $20+2 tournament.

Spending your FullTilt Points

The player points at FullTilt Poker are not only good for clearing your bonus but you can also use them towards paying for things in the Full Tilt Poker VIP Shop. The great thing about FullTilt is that you get to keep the player points that you have earned towards clearing your bonus.  Clearing the maximum bonus amount of $600 at Full Tilt will require you to generate around 10.000 player points. This means that once you have cleared the full bonus amount you will not only have earned $600 as a bonus but you will also have earned enough player points to buy a poker chip set with the FullTilt Poker logo or you can choose between the many books that are available in the VIP shop.

Special Freerolls at FullTilt Poker

We told you earlier that when you create your account using the FullTilt Poker referral code PRULESNET you will not only get the best possible bonus but you will also get access to some truly great freerolls. These frerolls are only open to players who have used the referral code PRULESNET when they signed up so you dont have to face as many competitors as in the regular freerolls hosted at FullTilt. And the freerolls that we are talking about have price pools of around $10.000 and sometimes we will even throw in a WSOP package or a tournament package to some other land based tournaments.