Play against Daniel Negreanu on Tuesdays at PokerStars

December 9, 2009

pokerstars-logoOnline poker giant PokerStars are trying to create the same friendly games as you have in your home games by starting something called Team Pro Tuesdays. During the Team Pro Tuesdays at you will get a chance to play against some of the Team PokerStars Pro’s at the different games and levels.

With this new concept at PokerStars you will now be able to really test your skills against some of the best poker players in the world. If you feel you are not quite ready to start taking on full blooded poker pro’s then you can still sit and watch the games being played and chat with the pro’s at the tables.

During the month of December PokerStars will be running two “Outlast the pro” events where you get to play in a tournament against these poker pro’s for as little as $11. In these tournaments PokerStars are adding $1000 to the prize pool and those players who manage to outlast the pro in the tournament gets to share those $1000.

It gives the tournament an interesting twist. If you have a big stack you will be hoping that the poker pro’s stay in the tournament while you are just waiting for them to bust out if you are short stacked, said Daniel Negreanu about these new tournaments.

Right now PokerStars are offering a 100% bonus up to $600 for players who sign up using the PokerStars marketing code PSP11903.


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  1. Gary on December 9th, 2009 12:24 pm

    I’m usually not very keen on playing poker tournaments but this concept seems to be a lot of fun.

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