Niki “Kaibuxxe” Jedlicka Back at Full Tilt Poker

July 24, 2009

The online poker phenomenon Niki “Kaibuxxe” Jedlicka took the high stakes world by storm when he managed to win $3 million at Full Tilt Poker during three months time. This hot streak came in 2007, when the Austria born poker player was only 19 years old. Full Tilt Poker saw the amazing figures that Jedlicka had produced during a short amount of time and offered him a place in the Team FullTilt stable which he accepted.

Shortly after he made the sponsorship deal with FullTilt he hit a major downswing and some of the bigger names like Phil Ivey was quickly there to take his money. A couple of months later there was hardly any money left from the once huge bankroll that he had built up. Shortly after that he vanished from the world of high stakes poker on the internet.

But now it seems as if Jedlicka is starting to find his way back into old form when he re-appeared on the highest limits at Full Tilt Poker recently. Just a couple of days aho he managed to win $1 million during one signle session. The biggest loser during that session was no other than Tom “durrrr” Dwan who had a less fortunate evening and ended up losing $800.000.

With that latest winning session he is now the biggest winner of the month at Full Tilt Poker. But one has to wonder how long it will take before Phil Ivey comes to take his bankroll once more.


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