Unabomber Poker Review

With over $2 million in career earnings and one of the best nicknames in poker, it’s about time that Phil “The Unabomber” Laak got his own poker room. The room bearing his likeness is called Unabomber Poker, and it’s the Cake Poker Network’s newest venture. And just like most other Cake Poker Network rooms, Unabomber Poker is already offering players big tournaments and generous rewards. But does the rest of Unabomber Poker’s features match up to the tourneys and rewards program? Let’s find out….

Unabomber Poker Signup Code Bonus

For a newer poker website, Unabomber Poker offers a nice signup bonus. The max match bonus you can receive from Unabomber is 110% up to $500, and you can get this bonus by using the Unabomber Poker signup code PBSBONUS. The bonus is released $10 at a time, and you’ll need to earn Frequent Player Points to release the money. Getting FPP’s is easy since you just need to play in ring games and tournaments at Unabomber Poker. 1 FFP will be given out for every $1 that’s taken in rake from a cash game, and 7 FPP’s will be awarded for every $1 you’re required to pay in tournament fees. The period for earning the full amount of the deposit bonus is 90 days.

Unabomber Poker Player Competition

Like many newer poker rooms, Unabomber Poker has its fair share of fish. All you need to do to discover this is take a look at the flop-viewed percentage – it’s above 40% on most tables. This bodes very well for people who are looking to avoid the shark-infested rooms. If you’re trying to find the softest games overall, stick to the $2/$4 limits and lower since the flop-viewed percentage here is around 50%. UnabomberPoker.com is worth trying out for the limper factor alone!

Unabomber Poker Rewards Program

What makes Unabomber Poker stand out above a lot of other rooms is the extensive rewards program they offer. There are three different components of this program which include: Gold Stacks, Gold Chips, and Gold Cards. Gold Chips are most likely the first reward you’ll earn because Unabomber gives them out for frequent play. As you accumulate FPP’s they will turn into Gold Chips, and these can get you into lots of freerolls and regular Unabomber Poker tournaments. As you earn Gold Chips they will turn into Gold Stacks, which pay out large cash rewards when you create multiple stacks. Gold Cards are randomly awarded in ring games after a table reaches the required rake, and you can enter the Gold Card Daily Lottery with these or go for the $52,000 jackpot.

Unabomber Poker Tournaments

As mentioned before, Unabomber Poker is already staging big tournaments. And the biggest of these tournaments is the $250,000 Guaranteed which happens once a month. What’s great about this tourney is that the prize pool is often higher than $300,000 since so many players enter it. In addition to the $250k, Unabomber Poker has a $100,000 Guaranteed that takes place every week. The Bounty tournaments at Unabomber also draw a lot of players each week. In Bounty tournaments, a set amount of money will be placed on the head of each player and you’ll earn that amount for every player you knock out.

Unabomber Poker Games and Support

Besides the big tournaments, you can also find a wide variety of cash games at Unabomber Poker. Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven Card Stud, and Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo are the different games offered. Texas Hold’em ring games are likely to have full tables up to the $25/$50 stakes at most times of the day. Full Omaha tables can be found in the $10/$20 limits. To find good games in Seven Card Stud, you’ll need to look for tables during peak traffic hours.

Unabomber Poker Software

The Cake Poker Network took a very unique approach with the graphics at Unabomber Poker. The graphics might remind one of a Batman comic with the shading and style that’s present. These graphics do an excellent job of following in the same vein of Phil Laak’s fun and entertaining personality. As far as usability goes, people will easily be able to find what they’re looking for since the buttons and tabs in the Unabomber Poker lobby are laid out very efficiently. To find games and tournaments, you simply need to choose the desired buttons and scroll down the list of tables.

Unabomber Poker Customer Support

Those who prefer to deal with customer support by phone or through live chat might be disappointed by the fact that Unabomber Poker only offers email support. However, one encouraging aspect is that all emails at Unabomber are answered within 2 hours or less so your issues/questions will be resolved quickly. You may not even have to send an email if you take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions section. In the FAQ area, you’ll find answers to the most common questions and problems experienced by other players.