Unabomber Poker Signup Code

Unabomber Poker offers its new players a match bonus of 110% up to $500. So if you decided to go with the full deposit amount of $500, you’d receive another $500 in your Pending Bonus section. To receive the 110% match bonus, make sure to use the Unabomber Poker signup code PBSBONUS. After creating an account and using the signup code, make an initial deposit and you’ll be ready to start earning the bonus.

Clearing the Unabomber Poker Bonus

Once you’ve made an initial deposit at Unabomber Poker, the bonus money will be put into your Pending Bonus section. To see the Pending Bonus, just log into your account at Unabomber and go to the “Cashier” section. If you deposited the full $500 amount and used the signup code PBSBONUS, you would have $500 in the Pending Bonus. As you play in ring games and tournaments, the money will be released in $10 increments when you earn Frequent Player Points. You get 1 Frequent Player Point every time $1 is taken in rake from your table. And the FPP’s are given out in fractions too so if $1.25 was raked from a hand, you would get 1.25 FPP’s. In tournaments, you earn 7 Frequent Player Points every time you pay $1 in tourney fees. So if you played in a tournament with a $30 + $3 buy-in, you’d earn 21 FPP’s ($3 X 7).

Unabomber Poker Reload Bonus

Your deposit bonuses don’t end after the initial 110% match bonus because Unabomber Poker also offers reload bonuses. The reload bonuses all vary depending on the amount of cash you deposit, and you have to wait until the signup bonus has been cleared (or the 90 days has passed) before receiving a reload bonus. Just like with the deposit bonus, you also need to earn Frequent Player Points to release the reload bonus amount.

Unabomber Poker Loyalty Program

The Unabomber Poker loyalty program revolves around plenty of gold since there are Gold Chips, Gold Stacks, and Gold Cards. Much like the deposit bonuses, you’ll get all of these items by playing in Unabomber Poker tournaments and ring games. Of course, not every part of the loyalty program rewards the same prizes.

Gold Chips – Gold Chips are the most common part of the loyalty program at Unabomber Poker since you get these after earning so many Frequent Player Points. Once you start receiving Gold Chips, you will be able to play in various freerolls such as the Gold Chip Sit and Go’s and the Gold Chip Giveaway. You can also enter lots of satellites and qualifiers with your Gold Chips too.

Gold Stacks – After earning enough Gold Chips, you’ll see Gold Stacks start appearing. And Gold Stacks are another part of the Unabomber loyalty program because you’ll earn lots of rewards and cash through them. As you start accumulating more Gold Stacks, you will advance in levels (the levels range from 1-50). The higher the level you’re at, the richer the rewards you’ll be given as a result of the Gold Stacks. The prizes are minimal in the earlier levels with extra Gold Chips being the default prize, while you’ll start to earn huge cash prizes when you get closer to level 50.

Gold Cards – One more way in which the Unabomber Poker loyalty program rewards players is by giving them Gold Cards. When you play in ring games at Unabomber, a Gold Card will be given out if the table reaches the required rake. And if you receive a Gold Card, you’ll have multiple options in regards to how you can use it. One popular use for Gold Cards is to save them up and go for the $52,000 jackpot that’s awarded at the end of the year. You can also use the cards to enter the Daily Gold Card Lottery, which puts you in a freeroll event where big cash prizes are awarded.