Ivey and Antonius Crushing Isildur1 at Full Tilt Poker

November 23, 2009

fulltiltpokerlogoIsildur1 took a hard beating from Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius on the high stakes tables at Full Tilt Poker. During one single session the anonymous Swede lost over $3 million which means that his big profit from before is almost completely gone.

Patrik Antonius was the one that took the biggest slice of the Isildur1 pie and made a total profit of over $2 million during the session. Phil Ivey was also pretty successful and managed to make a $1 million profit during this same session.

On the Swedish poker forums and on TwoPlusTwo there is a lot of speculation about Isildur1. Many seem to think that this is the beginning of the end for the Swedish high stakes player. He is currently being compared to another Swede who made a short appearance at the high stakes tables a couple of months ago, Maratonas.

Isildur1’s total profit since he started playing at FullTilt is now down at only $750.000 so it seems he needs to find his way back on a new hot streak or he will be broke within the next couple of days.

One thing that is being brought up a lot in the different online poker forums is that Isildur1 should avoid playing these high stakes poker pro’s at the same time and he should probably try to focus on playing No Limit Texas Hold’em instead of Pot Limit Omaha.

Our guess is that Isildur1 will be completely broke within the next couple of days. If he is still around at FullTilt Poker during December we would be very surprised.


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