Isildur1 Reaches All Time Low at Full Tilt Poker

December 3, 2009

fulltiltpokerlogoIt didn’t take long for Isildur1 to win huge amounts of money from Tom “durrrr” Dwan. For a short while the anonymous Swede was up over $6 million at Full Tilt Poker. But the bad news for Isildur1 is that it went even faster to lose all of the money back again, and more.

In just two days Isildur1 managed to lose $5 million according to This means that he has now lost all of the previous winnings back and is now at a loss in total at Full Tilt Poker.

According to he is now at a $1.2 million loss since he entered the high stakes tables at FullTilt. This is a couple of hundred thousand lower than he was just before his major rush against durrrr started. That was about a month ago and now it remains to be seen if Isildur1 will manage to turn this around one more time before going completely busto.

A lot of people at different poker forums are saying that this was the only possible outcome while others still seem to think that he will manage to turn this bad trend around once again.

One thing is for sure though, if he want’s to have any chance of becoming a winning player once more then he really needs to work on his PLO tilt which is costing him a fortune at the moment.


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