Isildur1 almost back at all time high at Full Tilt Poker

November 22, 2009

fulltiltpokerlogoIsildur1 will soon be back at his old account balance at Full Tilt Poker if he continues to play the way he’s been doing the last couple of days. Over the last two days he has been winning $2.2 million at the high stakes tables at FullTilt.

With these wins Isildur1 will soon be back at his old all time high balance of $5.46 million. Right now¬† Isildur1 has made a $.44 million profit since he started playing at FullTilt Poker and that’s after having lost two big pots of $775.000 and $639.000. These post were lost against Team FullTilt member Patrik Antonius.

Just a couple of moments ago Isildur1 was logged in and playing Tom “durrrr” Dwan at the $500/$1000 Pot Limit Omaha tables for almost an hour.

If you are interested in watching Isildur1 in action all you have to do is to download the FullTilt software and create an account using the Full Tilt Poker referral code PRULESNET for a free $600 bonus.


One Response to “Isildur1 almost back at all time high at Full Tilt Poker”

  1. TJ on November 22nd, 2009 10:06 am

    this is old info… isildur1 lost 3.3 mil yesterday. also played the biggest pot in history @ 1.35 mil. come on and get current

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