EPT bans Luke “FullFlush1” Schwartz

October 9, 2009

luke-fullflush1-schwartzThe European Poker Tour has reportedly banned out poker pro Luke “_FullFlush1” Schwartz from the remaining season of the EPT. The only initial reason he was in the tournament was because his friend Eddie Hearn had put in a good word for him and got him to enter the event but this did not last long.

Schwartz was participating in an attempt to win the Main Event but only made it to Day 2 play before he lost the tournament. He then proceeded to go and get a sandwich but then complained when it was time to pay. He kept insisting that he was entitled to a free sandwich as he regarded himself as a VIP customer. The casino did not agree to this and the argument progressed till finally Schwartz was walked with security out of the venue and also told he would be banned from all remaining EPT events for this season.

It seems like this was not a first for Schwartz as he was also banned from other multiple poker venues such as the Vic Casino in London because of his controversial attitude and after he refused to take off his hat. He was also banned from using the Full Tilt Poker chat feature after he passed some nasty comments online.

He is known for being very outspoken like when he made snide remarks about poker pro Tom “durrrr” Dwan. Schwartz said he disliked Dwan because he seems ‘geeky’ and ‘gay’. We wonder what is next for Luke Schwartz but we are sure this was not the last time his cockiness gets him into trouble.


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