Players Only Poker Bonus Code

As a new player, you should know something about the PlayersOnly Poker bonus code PLAYERS100. Whenever you use the referral code given to you, you can get a 100% bonus up to $650. This page will help you understand everything you get with the Players Only bonus code PLAYERS100. It will also enter you into a $500 welcome freeroll.

Getting started on getting the bonus

For you to start getting the bonus, you need to enter the bonus code PLAYERS100 when you make your deposit, and then get started on grinding your 100% up to $650 bonus. It will show up in your pending bonus account, and will be released in $10 increments every 166.7 points ($0.06 per point) across the entire bonus amount.

How to clear the bonus

You will need to play mostly at the cash games in order to help clear your bonus. At the cash games, you will be earning FPP points, which help clear your bonus. Every point you earn is worth $0.06 and points accumulate over the entire table, so as long as you’re dealt in a hand, not necessarily in the hand to showdown or when everyone else folds, you will still get credit for that hand. Once the bonus is cleared in full, you can withdraw or simply leave it in your active PlayersOnly account. You can even transfer the amount to sports betting. If you withdraw before the bonus is cleared, the entire leftover bonus is forfeited permanently. You have around 60 days to clear the bonus or the leftover amount is nullified.

How the PlayersOnly Points System works

For every $1 in rake, 1 complete point will be added to your FPP total. Partial rakes also count, so don’t feel as though you need to hit the big tables in order to win. The max rake is between $3-$5 per hand so that is the maximum number of points you can earn per hand. For tournaments and SNGs, a 3.5x multiplier per dollar for points exists.

Spending your PlayersOnly points

You cannot spend the PlayersOnly FPP points, but instead they accumulate into gold chips, which CAN be spent on tournament fees or PlayersOnly shop for whatever goods you might be looking for at the time.

Special Freerolls at Players Only Poker

If you just deposited, you’ll be able to play in the $500 welcome freeroll exclusive to any new depositors. You’ll be able to play against newcomers just looking to get a feel for the game. It’s only available to those who use the bonus code. So remember this when signing up and if they ask for a bonus code, use the code to make sure that you get what you need to start up right!

Rakeback at Players Only Poker

It is possible to get a 33% rakeback deal at Players Only. Read more about this on our page dedicated to Players Only rakeback.

Alternatives to Players Only Poker

PlayersOnly has a lot going for it – playing for poker, gambling on games, races, sports, and tons more! It’s really an action site that helps people expanding their betting and poker horizons like few sites can!

There is a lot to compare and contrast with PlayersOnly versus say, RedStar Poker. Both are on the Cake Poker network. So their games on the poker portions of the site are similar, if not identical. They both offer similar first time deposit bonuses and all similar options with gold chips, cards and tournaments. Let’s instead compare the user bases and the other options Redstar and PlayersOnly offer. For user bases, PlayersOnly tends to attract more, although they reside on the same network. PlayersOnly offers more lucrative bonuses and sports wagering, whereas RedStar is solely for poker on Cake Poker. PlayersOnly also offers 10% cash bonuses if you choose when depositing with them and is marketed more towards North Americans.