RedStar Poker Signup Code

If you start to play on RedStar Poker, you should know about the signup code PBSBONUS.  Whenever you use the sign up code, you can get a 110% up to $600 bonus. This page will help explain all the key aspects of the RedStar bonus and how you can benefit from it!

Getting Started on the Bonus:

To get started, you need to enter the sign up code while you are signing up to Red Star poker. Then you can get going on the 110% up to $600 bonus. Like Cake Poker, it will show up in your pending bonus section of the cashier. It will be released in $10 increments at $0.06 per earned FPP point. These points will help unlock the bonus in full.

How to Clear the Bonus:

Cash games are mostly how these bonuses are cleared. At the ring games (cash games), you will earn points for every cent of rake earned by RedStar. $0.06 is released for every point you earn (tracked to the penny, so you get partial credit for every hand you play.) RedStar does not have a contribution method to dealing with points, so as long as you’re dealt into the hand, even if you fold pre-flop, you still get credit for being in the hand. Once the bonus has been successfully completed, you can withdraw the remaining amount plus your winnings, or keep playing on RedStar. If you try to withdraw before the bonus is cleared, the entire remaining uncleared sum of the bonus is permanently gone. You have 60 days to clear the bonus in full.

How the RedStar Point System works:

As you grind cash tables, the rake helps specify how many FPP points you have earned in that hand. $1 equals 1 entire FPP point at a cash game table, with partial FPP points available for rakes under $1 per hand. The max rake is $3-5 per hand, so again per hand those points can add up quite quickly.

Spending your RedStar points:

Like any Cake site, you don’t spend the points, you spend what those points earn – Gold Chips. Gold cards can also be earned, but they are separate and can only be earned at the cash / ring tables. Those gold chips can get you into exclusive satellites

Special Freerolls at RedStar:

There is a depositors’ freeroll of around $350 so again the prize pool isn’t large, but neither should the field.


There are a lot of sites on the Cake Poker Network, like that of PlayersOnly or of course Cake Poker itself. They offer different layouts and perspectives. They also offer separate, but similar first time deposit bonuses, purchasable goods from their own stores (although Cake has the largest amount available)

RedStar Poker can be compared with a lot of sites, but for now let’s try an iPoker site for maximum contrast – Titan Poker. RedStar is on the Cake Network, so it has gold chips and cards instead of Club Titan points, which work on a hierarchy based on rake that can give people a lot more bang for their buck. RedStar only offers what cake offers, and that includes no ability to get rakeback, less speedy support than Titan, and RedStar offers no comparable VIP program.

Redstar does have more durable and lasting software with fewer disconnects than Titan. iPoker has known issues with connectibility and their ability to maintain a fluid, playable game of poker, unlike RedStar which piggybacks on Cake’s software. RedStar is designed to be more of a niche for Russian players, which serves its purpose quite well for its intended means. It does not compare with more mainstream sites like Titan Poker, which is fine. As long as you’re happy with what you have, why change it?

And a last reminder:

Don’t forget to use the Red Star Poker signup code PBSBONUS when you create your account or you will miss out on this bonus offer.