Cake Poker Signup Code

Cake Poker is relatively new on the market considering that they started their own poker network as late as 2005 which was way after the big poker boom. One of the big reasons behind the success of Cake Poker is their Gold Card program and the newly improved 110% bonus up to $600. In order to qualify for this first deposit bonus you will need to enter the Cake Poker signup code CAKEB and you will automatically get credited the signup bonus when you decide to make your first deposit. On this page we will also tell you all that you need to know about the Cake Poker Gold Card System which is one of the best loyalty scheme of any poker room.

How to get the $600 bonus at Cake Poker

As we mentioned earlier all that you need to do in order to be able to get the free $600 bonus at CakePoker is to enter the signup code CAKEB during the registration process. We have attached a screenshot of the window where you should enter the sign up code in order to make sure that you will not miss out on this great first deposit bonus. Once you have created your account at Cake Poker using this code and made your first deposit the bonus will instantly be visible in your pending bonus account and you will need to clear it by earning Cake Poker player points.

Clearing the Cake Poker bonus

If you can see the bonus under your pending bonus account that means that you have entered the signup code properly and you are now ready to start playing poker for real money to start releasing your bonus from the pending bonus account. The bonus at is going to be released to your real money account in increments of $10 for every 167 player points you earn by playing for real money at Cake Poker.  Once a part of your bonus is released it is yours to withdraw or add it to your bankroll so that you can move up in limits at a faster pace. Cake Poker also offers reload bonuses to their players from time to time.

Earning Player Points at Cake Poker

It is very easy to earn player points at Cake Poker and once you start playing you will notice how fast it goes to clear your bonus. For every dollar that is taken out in rake at the cash game tables at Cake Poker you will get 1 player point credited to your account. Considering the maximum rake in one hand at CakePoker is $3 you will be able to earn as much as 3 player points per hand. If the rake taken out of the pot is $0.50 for example you will not miss out on your player points but instead you will be awarded 0.5 points for that hand. As you can see the bonus system at Cake Poker is really fair on the players and taking part of this first deposit offer will really hwlp you boost your bankroll.

If you are a tournament or Sit and Go player you will earn player points at an even faster pace as you will get 7 player points for every dollar that you pay in fees for the tournament. Let’s say you play a heads-up SnG with a buy in of $100+5, from playing in this tournament you will earn 35 player points. As you can see you will be able to clear most of this bonus in just a week or two if you are mixing up cash game and tournament play.

Cake Poker Gold Cards

One of the things that makes Cake Poker stand out as a poker room and which have contributed to their continued growth is their Gold Card system in which you get rewarded for being a loyal player at Cake Poker. The Gold Card system at Cake Poker might seem a bit advanced to a new poker player but that is why we have set up a page dedicated to teaching you how this system works, so if you are interested in learning more about this promotion we suggest you head over to our Cake Poker Gold Cards page where we will tell you all about it.

Cake Poker Gold Chips

The Gold Chips system is another promotion that has been set up in order to make Cake Poker one of the most attracting poker rooms out there. Just like that Gold Cards program this one will need a bit of explaining so we have set up a page dedicated to teaching you all about the Cake Poker Gold Chips program. VIP Shop

Having a VIP shop where the players can spend their loyalty points has become increasingly popular at most online poker rooms and Cake Poker is following the trend by opening their own VIP Shop where players can trade their Gold Chips for different products. If you are interested in seing what the VIP shop at Cake Poker has to offer you should check out our Cake Poker VIP Shop page where we are listing all of the products available and how many Gold Chips they will cost you. We will update this page frequently and as soon as there are new products added to the VIP shop we will update the page and inform you of this.

33% Cake Poker Rakeback

If you are serious about your playing at Cake Poker and want to make it your main poker room to play at you might want to consider getting a rakeabck deal instead of just the signup bonus. We can offer you a 33% rakeback deal at Cake Poker which is the highest one on the market and in order to get this deal you will need to enter the CakePoker sign up code CAKEB instead of the one we mentioned earlier. More information about this can be found on our Cake Poker rakeback page.