Cake Poker

As a trusted poker news site we are have been able to negotiate a deal with Cake Poker which entitles us to offer 33% rakeback to all new players who create an account at Cake Poker using the signup code CAKEB. Not only will this signup code give you a 33% Cake Poker rakeback deal but it will also get you a nice 110% first deposit bonus up to the maximum amount of $600. This means that at the same time as you are clearing your signup bonus at Cake Poker you will also be getting 33% of the rake that you generate back to your account. On this page will will explain to you exactly how the rakeback system at works and what you need to do in order to sign up for a rakeback account.

How to sign up for 33% rakeback at Cake Poker

You will need to follow the steps that we provide you with very carefully or you might not get tracked properly and will miss out on this Cake Poker rakeback deal.

Step 1. You need to clear your cookies and temp files and then click this link to get to Once you are on their site you will need to download and install the Cake Poker software.

Step 2. During the regisration process you will be asked to enter a Cake Poker signup code. In the section for the signup code you will need to enter the code CAKEB and then complete the registration. It is very important that you enter this code or you will not be able to get your 33% rakeback deal.

Once you have completed the two steps mentioned you just have to complete the registration and you are ready to start playing with rakeback at Cake Poker.

$600 Signup Bonus at Cake Poker

As we mentioned earlier you will also be gettingup to $600 for free as a signup bonus. This bonus is instantly credited to your pending bonus account once you have made your first deposit. The bonus will be released in increments of $10 for every 167 player points that you earn by playing at the real money tables. You can read more about this bonus on our Cake Poker signup code page.

This bonus can be used in combination with the rakeback deal that you have but the bonus amount that you clear will be deducted from your gross rake according to the example below.

Gross rake generated during a month: $2000

Bonus amount received: $600

Net Rake for the month: $2000 – $600 = $1400

Rakeback for the month: $1400 * 0.33 = $462

As you see in the example above you will be getting rakeback on the amount that is left after the bonus has been deducted from the gross rake. Once the full bonus amount is cleared you will be earning 33% rakeback on all your gross rake without any deductions.

When is the rakeback paid out?

The rakeback you are getting is going to be paid to your account directly by the poker room itself so you never have to worry about any delayed payments from a lazy rakeback affiliate. The rakeback payments at Cake Poker are made between the 1st and the 5th each month. I am playing with rakeback at Cake Poker myself and i have never gotten the payment any later than the 3rd any month.