UltimateBet and RakeReduction Aruba Promotion

July 31, 2009

Ultimate Bet seems to really be enjoying their 10th Anniversary. And who can blame them? 10 years in this industry providing players with excellent games, service, and promotions is quite a feat and deserves to be celebrated.

Well, Ultimate Bet is sure celebrating this year with a slew of promotions that all have to do with the number ‘10.’ Their latest promotion is the Ultimate Bet Aruba Poker Classic which runs from October 3rd to the 10th and has to be one of the hottest tournaments of the year and offers close to a $1 million dollar first place prize.

So how does the ‘10′ theme fit in? That is the best part. Ultimate Bet is offering several ways to get to this tournament including their infamous 10₵/10 Step program where players can buy in for as little as a dime to fight and claw their way to Step 10. The players who win Step 10 will be awarded with an $8,500 tournament package which includes the $5,500 buy in and $3,000 for travel and hotel accommodations.

But this is Ultimate Bet and they like to do things big so they are also going to give an extra $10 million dollars to the player that gets to the Aruba Poker Classic via completing all 10 Steps and winning the tournament. It may seem like a difficult feat, but $1 million dollars is quite a motivator much less the extra $10 million that UB will give out for completing both the steps and the tourney. Aside from the 10₵/10 Step program, here are a few other ways to get to the Aruba Poker Classic via Ultimate Bet.

  • Wednesday at 9:45 pm – $100+$9 satellite with re-buys – 1 $8,500 package guaranteed.
  • Sundays at 8:45 pm – $200+$15 satellite – 1 $8,500 package guaranteed.
  • Tuesdays at 8:30 pm – $500+$30 satellite – 3 $8,500 packages guaranteed.

The following are massive tourneys that are guaranteeing several seats all with a $500+$30 buy in:

  • August 2nd: 25 Seats Guaranteed
  • August 30th: 25 Seats Guaranteed
  • September 13th: 50 Seats Guaranteed

Special RakeReduction Tournament

To add to the excitement Rake Reduction is holding a special promotion in addition to the Ultimate Bet promo and is exclusive to only Rake Reduction members and sub affiliates. From July 24th to August 24th, any new player who signs up for a real money account or any existing player who generates $50 or more in MGR at Ultimate Bet or Absolute Poker will be invited to play in a special tournament around September 1 with the prize being an $8,500 package to enter the Aruba Poker Classic.

In addition, there will also be a 2nd place prize, to be later announced, and there will be $5,000 added to the overall prize pool. How great is that! And this is all combined with the monthly and weekly rake races and loose change free rolls that already take place for Rake Reduction members. There is simply no better deal available online than at Rake Reduction.

So for those of you that are ready to hit the beach, enjoy the sun, and most importantly win some cash by playing poker, head on over to Ultimate Bet or Absolute Poker and win yourselves a seat to the Aruba Poker Classic that will be held October 3rd through the 10th.


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