Poker Dealers – It’s time to top up your income with Dial a Dealer

April 15, 2009

Dial a Dealer which recently launched in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand is a new website that connects dealers to customers wishing to host poker and casino nights in their local area.

Dial a Dealer, which is now inviting dealers in the USA and Australia to list on their site, allows listed dealers:

  • The opportunity to supplement their income by picking up local freelance dealing jobs.
  • The ability to create unique dealer profile which can be searched by thousands of potential customers.
  • To manage customers and contacts through an online Dial a Dealer account.
  • Access to the exclusive private Dial a Dealer chat forum and community centre.

Michael Needham, co-founder of, says, “This presents a massive opportunity for freelance dealers to make a decent living out of working the poker and casino events scene in their local area. We are now starting to market the Dial a Dealer brand to the wider population to ensure a constant flow of customers coming to the site to hire poker and casino dealers.”

Michael Needham goes on to comment, “The end customer also now gets a much more affordable poker night service as it is a direct transaction between him and his chosen dealer with no events agency involved in the transaction. Each dealer has total control over the prices they charge, and the packages they offer. Their profile is in effect their “shop window”. The more work they do and the higher the customer ratings they receive, the more they move up the pecking order. It is a total meritocracy. The best and highest rated dealers will be able to charge the most.”

Thousands of poker nights and casino events take place all over the world every day. Traditionally, freelance dealers depended on word of mouth to source dealing jobs in their local region. But for the first time, Dial a Dealer is aiming to bring together the fragmented poker dealer and casino events industry. Dial a Dealer now make it possible for customers looking to hire dealers to search for and contact freelance poker and casino dealers.

Dial a Dealer’s new site is being rolled out concurrently in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

About Dial a Dealer
Dial a Dealer is a London-(UK) based free to use website that connects users with professional dealers and casino events companies. Its easy to use search engine allows customers to find the best dealers at the best prices. So whether the goal is to organise a corporate casino night or a home poker night, users will find a wide choice of suitable dealers on Dial a Dealer.


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