PKR 3-D Poker adds new Games

April 6, 2009

The website has just announced that they have added various online poker games. The popular website is already well known among players for its revolutionary internet poker. PKR Poker offers their members the opportunity to take part in 3D poker games in a virtual environment, quite a unique and innovative poker experience.

This involves the players to select their physical look including appearance, dress code and even manner of behaviour at the gambling table. Characters are varied; starting from the silent disguised look on till the loud and assertive characters.

Other new features on the site are the Omaha High/Low – Pot Limit and Limit constitutes and Roulette games, a time bank and brand new shop with poker articles. On the other hand, there is the time bank feature which permits poker players in the cash games a wider time slot to decide on their next move. This means that with the more hands dealt to one user, the more time the players get to decide on plays.

Clothing items can be purchased on the shop and this has proven to be very successful with the users so far. Besides the clothing items, there are poker books, various new accessories and subscriptions for partner poker advice site at that have just been added to the shop shelves as well.

Simon Prodger, as Marketing Director, stated, “Our community is highly valued and as we grow we like to make sure we provide our players with exactly what they need. Many of the features in our updates are in response to popular demand and we are constantly working on improvements for the future.”

At the same time we would like to inform players that do not yet have an account at that they PKR Poker bonus code EASYPOKER600 will give them a free $600 bonus when creating their account.


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