Full Tilt Poker rakeback offer

December 23, 2009

fulltiltpokerlogoIf you are not currently a Full Tilt Poker customer now is the time to join! The popular online poker site is now offering new players an astonishing 27% rakeback deal! Rakeback, normally reserved for smaller sites, is the most lucrative promotion in online poker, so now is the time to sign-up and start playing at the second most heavily trafficked online poker site, and receive an awesome rakeback deal to boot!

For those of you who are unaware of what rakeback is, and how a poker rakeback deal works, here is a brief explanation: Rakeback is a deal between yourself and a poker affiliate – if you sign-up directly through the Full Tilt Poker website you WILL NOT receive a rakeback deal—where they offer to refund a percentage of the rake you pay back to you! In this case, you would be refunded 27% of the rake you have paid.

The typical rake at an online poker site is 5% of the total pot, up to $3. So if the pot is $10, the rake is $.50: If the pot is $60 the rake is $3: If the pot is $400 the rake is $3. To determine the amount of rake you have personally paid, simply take the total rake and divide this by the number of players that were dealt into the hand; this is your contribution –This running total of your rakeback is known as Monthly Gross Rake (MGR).

For example: If you are in a 10-handed game and the rake is $3, your MGR would be $.30 ($3 / 10 players = $.30 MGR). Your next step is to multiply your MGR by your rakeback percentage: giving you a total of $.08 in rakeback ($.30 * .27 = $.081).

Ok, I realize this doesn’t seem like a whole heck of a lot of money, but believe me, these small amounts add up quickly. In a typical online poker session it’s not uncommon to play 1,000 hands of poker: At $.081 a hand this adds up to $81! Playing four tables at a time, online poker players can easily hit 1,000 hands in a 2-hour session, which means you can make $40/hour in rakeback alone!

So now that you know how rakeback works –and how profitable it can be—you will obviously want to take advantage of the 27% Full Tilt rakeback deal at Full Tilt Poker.

One last bit of good news, when you sign-up at Full Tilt Poker you will also be eligible for the 100% up to $600 deposit bonus offered by the site! That’s right, rakeback and a deposit bonus!!! And don’t forget to check out our rake-races and freeroll tournaments exclusively for rakebackftw.com players!


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