Doyles Room Rakeback Offer

July 21, 2009

Players who don’t currently have an account at Doyles Room can now receive an exclusive rakeback deal that will give you 33% rakeback! This is an exclusive deal to players that was announced in 2009. The rakeback you will receive at Doyles Room will be awarded to you for as long as you play at Doyles Poker Room. For those of you who are unaware of Doyles Room, it is on the Cake Poker Network (lots of player traffic) and is owned and operated by the professional poker player Doyle Brunson himself. Read more details on how to receive Doyles Room rakeback below…

Not sure what rakeback is? Well you may or may not know that when you play poker the poker rooms take a % of the pot that goes towards the house. This % of the pot that the house takes is called rake. Rake is taken in both live and online poker by the rooms, and is the main reason poker rooms can stay running. For an example of rake, If the rake at a poker room was 5% the poker room would be raking $5 on a $100 sized pot. The rake doesn’t have a bankroll changing affect immediately, but over time each player will contribute quite a bit of rake to the poker room.

Rakeback is a way that players can receive some of the rake they contributed to the poker room back in cold hard cash! The basic concept of rakeback is that the room takes a certain percentage of the rake that the player has contributed and gives it back to them. The Doyles Room rakeback deal is an amazing 33% percentage (one of the highest rakeback deals you will find).

I will give you an example of the exclusive 33% Doyles Room rakeback offer. Lets say you played at Doyles Room for two hours a day and five days a week, for a month. During the time playing at Doyles Poker Room you contributed $500 of rake. Without the special Doyles Room rakeback deal you wouldn’t see any of that money again. But with the exclusive rakeback offer you would receive $165 cash back into your Doyles account balance (calculations were $500 multiplied by .33 or 33%).

Okay so now that you want to receive this cool rakeback deal at Doyles Room let me tell you how. Visit and download the poker software. Now when you go to create an account at Doyles you need to enter the promotional code RBG33. This special promotional code activates the 33% rakeback deal that is exclusive to Doyles Poker Room.

Oh, and not only will you receive just the free money from the rakeback, you will also receive a sign up bonus too! When signing up and depositing at Doyles Room you will receive a 110% match bonus up to $550, on top of the special Doyles Room rakeback deal. Enjoy the free money at Doyles Room!


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