Winners on a roll get a hard blow from VC Poker

January 15, 2010

vcpokerThe latest iPoker policy was issued stating that they will be penalising their partner sites for having too many winning online poker players. This new policy was a shock to the many poker players who were on a winning streak and now have to face a less profitable year ahead.

The VC Poker many regular cash game players on the Victor Chandler group received an email stating that they will be shut out from the cash games; “If you are not already aware, iPoker will be implementing a new policy in the New Year which will categorize players depending upon certain criteria. The new policy will impose penalties on card rooms that in essence have a high proportion of winning players in relation to losing players”.

“Regrettably, therefore, we are being forced to restrict a number of accounts in order to comply with the new policy and to avoid penalization by iPoker and it grieves me to inform you that we have no option for the time being other than to restrict the cash game stakes at which you play on Victor Chandler Poker. In the meantime, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that this action will cause but know that you can still play in tournaments and on any other of the Victor Chandler suite or products.”

This email was signed by Victor Chandler International and it went on to say that they do regret taking this immediate action and they do hope this current policy will change in the near future making it possible for the Victor Chandler Poker players to play cash games again.


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