T.J. Cloutier’s WSOP Bracelet Sold to Cake Poker

January 28, 2010

cakepokerlogoLast week we wrote the story about T.J. Cloutier selling one of his WSOP bracelets on eBay. Now the auction have come to an end and the new owner of the bracelet is the Cake Poker Network who won the auction after placing the winning bid of $4006.

It is still not known what the Cake Poker Network are planning to do with this bracelet but it’s probably not too far fetched to believe that they are planning to have some special promotions coming up involving this bracelet.

It will be interesting to see if T.J. Cloutier will be putting up some more items of his for sale anytime soon since the $4006 probably doesn’t last very long for a Craps degenerate.


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