Sydney’s Rugby Team, The Roosters, In Danger of Losing Full Tilt Poker Sponsorship

April 14, 2010

rugbyballAustralian rugby team, the Sydney Roosters, is in quite a pickle. They may be forced by federal law to break ties with their biggest sponsor, online poker giant, Full Tilt Poker. While the team has sought legal advice concerning the matter, as Full Tilt is their largest benefactor, it may not be enough.

It seems as Australia, who foresaw the potential of the booming online gambling industry, does permit Internet gambling to take place within their country, but is only marketed towards foreigners. The law does not allow Australian citizens to partake in Internet gambling whether it be online poker or online casino related activity. While the country of Australia is a gambling nation, and more of the population gambles then doesn’t, spending more of their income on gambling related activities than fuel for their cars, federal law prevents Australian citizens from participating in online gambling.

The problem is that the Australian Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 does not allow unregulated offshore gambling institutions (Full Tilt Poker) to provide services to Aussie players (the Roosters). Because of this issue, online gambling providers have gained quite a bit of attention in the Australian news recently. While the Sydney Roosters do heavily rely on the Full Tilt sponsorship, they may be unable to continue any financial relationship with the online poker club due to the national laws governing online gambling associations. Perhaps there will be some loophole or way around this, as it would be unfortunate for the loyal fans of the rugby team, and the team as well, should there be no way around these laws.


One Response to “Sydney’s Rugby Team, The Roosters, In Danger of Losing Full Tilt Poker Sponsorship”

  1. aussie on April 20th, 2010 3:53 am

    There are so many incorrect statements, assumptions and speculation in this article in regards to Australian online gambling law, it’s not even funny. The Gambling Act you quoted, while very grey, prevents Australian operators from providing services to Australian residents. It’s not illegal for Australians to play at Full Tilt Poker, which your article is implying.

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