New Way to Play Poker: the Poker Pros Network

February 18, 2010

pokerplayerJust when the online poker industry, which grew so fast to begin with, is starting to really feel the need for something new, the Poker Pros Network, or PPN, is introduced. This completely novel and innovative approach to online poker affords players the opportunity to truly play against pro poker players 24/7, not just wait until you happen upon one in another online poker room.

PPN allows players to choose from 35 different poker professionals, selecting one as your home poker room. You will then be invited to join private games and other events. Alternatively, you can just join the PPN main site. Both options give you 24/7 access to all 35 pros.

The 35 poker pros range in experience levels and have chosen to play exclusively at PPN. Some of the biggest names include hall of famers like TJ Cloutier, Marsha Waggoner, and Barbara Enright. Other names include tourney stars such as David Levi, Paul Darden, and Chris Reslock. Poker authors and coaches are also available, for instance, Chris “Fox” Wallace and Vince Burgio, as well as online experts, Josh Brikis, Brandon Jarrett, and Krazy Kanuck.

The opening first deposit bonus is worth up to $500 (Poker Bonus Code: PPN500) and they have some pretty big events scheduled like monthly Pro Bounties taking place every Saturday at 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. ET and the Monthly Grand Bounty Tournament that runs the first Monday of each month.

These pro bounty events are unique as well. For weekly events, each pro has a bounty point value on their head and for each pro you knock out, you’ll receive those points in addition to a cash value. The points will accumulate all month and then serve as a multiplier for the cash bounties in the following month’s Grand Bounty Tournament. These tournaments will be broadcast live on PPN radio.

This is a different concept and may or may not prove successful. It does sound interesting though, and you should definitely look into participating if it intrigues you.


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