New poker pro hails from Wimbledon

June 25, 2009

Celebrity Wimbledon sportsman star Mr. Boris Becker is now the newest poker celebrity on the scene. Becker is known for having been the youngest player ever to win the men’s singles final almost 25years back. Now at 42, he is showing his never-ending competitive spirit in the poker game and tables and has turned into a pro.

This all started after a tennis match being cancelled due to heavy rain and Becker resorting to playing a set of card games with his tennis colleagues. Becker now, looks forward to playing in Dortmund, his hometown city, this July and then also in the Tour de grand final located in Monte Carlo.

According to reports, Becker has wanting to enhance his poker skills for a while no in aim of becoming a real international poker star. We believe he has what it takes as Becker is used to a pressured tennis career and environment for the past 25 -30 years and Poker is certainly a pressured game with a poker pro lifestyle being like a second home to him. Poker might coincide with tennis skills as they are both sports that require a clear and calm head, collected and continuously anticipating your opponent’s further moves. It also, like tennis involves a lot if travelling from city to city.

Note: Boris Becker is a member of Team PokerStars and can be found playing online at


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