Mike Matusow Auto-biography released

June 1, 2009

Mike Matusow is probably one of the best poker players in the world when he is playing his best, but too many times he is having his “Matusow Meltdowns” which have made him famous. Matusow has now written an auto-biography in which he tells his life story called “Check-Raising the Devil“. This book will surely make for some interesting reading.

Mike holds 3 WSOP bracelets and throughout his career he have won over $7 Million in poker tournaments.

He starts the book by telling the readers; “I suppose that if things were only a little bit different, I wouldn’t be writing this book”.

Even though Mike has been very successful at the poker tables his life has been all but great at the side of the poker life. His drug abuse almost took the best of him at one point and later on he went on to get addicted to online poker where he has been losing millions of dollars on the cash game tables. In this book you will learn all about Mike’s deepest secrets as he tells it all as it is.

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