Lady Gaga invited to the Irish Poker Festival by Ladbrokes

September 28, 2009

lady-gagaBetween the 2nd and 4th of October the Irish Poker Festival will be held and there we might be able to see if Lady GaGa has a poker face or not. Usually people have to qualify for this tournament or they can buy directly in to the tournament but in Lady GaGa’s case it was enough to create a number one hit containing a lot of references to poker to get a free invitation to the tournament.

Lady GaGa is going on tour together with Kanye West bet there is an opening in the schedule which would make it possible for her to participate in this tournament.

“It would be great if she could make it to the tournament,” said Andreas Gillberg who is one of the managers at Ladbrokes and at the same time he is adding that there is a spot open for Kanye West as well should the Lady want to bring some company.

Ladbrokes Poker have already managed to get one music celebrity to participate in this tournament. Shane Lync from Boyzone have already accepted his invitation to the Irish Poker Festival.

The first price in the Irish Poker Festival is €100.000. The question is if that’s enough to get her to participate in the tournament.


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