Justin “BoostedJ” Smith Turns “Red Pro” at FullTilt

July 30, 2009

The well know high stakes player Justin “BoostedJ” Smith have just joined Full Tilt Poker as a FullTilt “red pro”.

The 21-year old American Justin Smith have been playing at the highest cash game tables at FullTilt for several years. He is usually find playing the Mixed Games at FullTilt Poker.

When it comes to live events he managed to grab the third place in the WPT Bellagio Cup two weeks ago, winning $464.870.

Justin is now going to play under his real name at FullTilt which means he is no longer going to use his famous “BoostedJ” nickname at the tables.

Due to the fact that Justin now is a red pro at FullTilt he has now been given his own tables at the levels where he is usually playing.


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