Isildur1 Back on a Winning Streak

November 20, 2009

fulltiltpokerlogoThe story about Isildur1 continues. After a couple of huge wins at the high stakes tables at Full Tilt Poker Isildur1 hit a cold streak and lost $3.3 million within a 24 hour period. At his peak Isildur1 had made a $5.46 million profit at FulltTilt but after being crushed by players like Patrik Antonius he was now “only” $2.2 Million in the green.

But almost as quickly as the money was lost they started coming back to him again in the latest sessions. The day after the $3.3 million losing session he was back at FullTilt playing against Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies from which he won around $1 million and ended the day with a $1.3 million profit.

After dropping a couple of hundred grand Isuldur1 have now made a profit of $3.3 million at FullTilt this year. Patrik Antonius is the biggest winner of the year with a $5 million profit and Ziigmund is $3 million in the green even though he dropped a million against Isildur1.


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