Full Tilt Poker Releases New Software

July 31, 2009

Full Tilt Poker have just released a new version of their poker software which includes a whole bunch of improvements. In the new poker client they have added an advanced filter that will make it easier for the players to find the kind of games they are looking to play. In this filter you will be able to list both your favourite cash games and tournaments for easy and fast access.

This new and updated version of the poker client will also make it a lot easier for the players to keep track of statistics, campaigns and other important information. As a player at Full Tilt Poker you will now be able to chose what is going to be listed in the lobby while you are logged in.

With these alternatives you will be able to keep track of player stats, FullTilt Points, cashier, a certain player session, ongoing campaigns and much more.

Another change that has been made is that all players will now be able a deal at the final table of all multi table tournaments and Sit and Go’s.

At the same time as these changes are launched the people at FullTilt have put together a campaign that goes under the name “Biggest Bonus Ever“. Everyone who has generated at least one FullTilt Point before the 28th of July will be able to get a $100 bonus to their account.


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