Foxwoods World Poker Finalists: Watch Out for the Pretty Lady at the Table

November 11, 2009

christinalindleyPoker now has yet another pretty face to grace its tables. Fitness model Christina Lindley will compete this weekend in the $10,000 NLH Foxwoods World Poker Finals that will take place in Connecticut. Twenty-six-year-old Lindley, from Atlanta, Georgia, was first discovered at the age of 14 when a photographer saw her at a mall and registered her in a Seventeen Magazine/JC Penney cover model contest.

Lindley grew up to become even more attractive and took the fitness world by storm with her feminine but muscular physique. She appeared regularly in multiple fitness magazines and was featured in a 25-page spread in an issue of Muscular Development magazine. She’s also appeared in Maxim and Playboy.

Also an actress, Lindley started getting interested in poker when she moved to LA to pursue her acting career. She says, “During the writer’s strike I was super bored. There was no work and I went back to Tennessee to visit my Dad, and he took me to a casino and we played poker together. I fell in love with it.”

Her poker strategy consists of using all her assets to gain ground over her opponents, which includes utilizing her good looks as a distraction technique against other players. She explains, “I tend to wear fitted clothing, but it’s always classy,” and as for the sunglasses, she says, “I have one move where I take them off and just look at you. I’ll just stare at you.” Her opponents this weekend better watch out, and anyone who finds them self seated against her in the future, as it is likely she will be popping up pretty often with her very successful poker game and strategy tactics.

You can also catch Lindley on an upcoming television series that will showcase online poker card sharks, called Grinders, for which she says she has a development deal with a production company and is working with a ghostwriter.


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