Titan Poker Bonus Code

Titan Poker is a skin of the iPoker Network and offers a lot of help for starting players get a chance to boost their rolls. Titan has very similar offers to CDPoker so this review will be similar to that site’s review page. They offer a 100% to $500 offer and are fairly stable in both software and structure.

Getting Started on the Bonus:

While entering your account information, make sure to add the Titan Poker bonus code psource before completing or else Titan will not know which site you are requesting bonuses from. Every 600 points releases $5 of the deposit bonus. You can even redeem the points you earned after clearing the bonus for more money! The scale shows the number of points you need in order to claim a cash bonus on top of clearing your deposit bonus!

How to Clear the Bonus:

Unlocking the poker bonus is as easy as sitting down on a poker table and playing a cash game! Depending on the rake, the more there is, the more Titan points you earn. You can easily earn a ton of points in a hurry. This would help anyone who needs a guide on how much rake generates x number of points. The max is 14 per hand. Every tournament here gives you 17 points per $1 of entry fee.

How the Titan Poker points work:

Points are awarded based on the amount of rake per hand. The more rake, generally the more points you earn. It also builds your VIP rank from bronze to diamond, giving you special freerolls, access to the vip store, special promotions and more! They also obviously help towards clearing your bonus, which is cleared in increments of 600 points every $5.

How to Spend your Titan Poker points:

As long as you have silver or higher ranking, you are allowed to purchase goods and tournament entries from the Titan Store at any time of the day or night. Titan gear, tournament entries, cash out specials. Titan has it all! You can even buy your way into the illustrious ECOOP that is offered on all iPoker network sites. It’s expensive, but if you have the will, you can find a way!

Special Freerolls on Titan Poker:

There are new depositor freerolls for those who have just deposited. Also if you are in a VIP setting, you can subscribe to that freeroll as well every month. The more points you grind on a monthly basis, the more prestigious freerolls you can participate in per month!


Titan Poker has a lot in common with other sites on the iPoker network. They all have the same or very similar software. They have the same casino games as that of fellow iPoker sites like CDPoker or MansionPoker. Although not as geared towards high rollers like Mansion Poker is, Titan offers a wide variety of tournaments for those with more reasonable bankrolls to play poker with.

An interesting comparison would be between Titan Poker and Carbon Poker. Titan is using the standard iPoker software, whereas Carbon Poker uses the Merge Poker software. The layouts are different, even the card layout is different, with Titan having a more rigid, less fluid motion than Carbon’s poker shuffle. Carbon and Titan both have a VIP program. Carbon’s is based on the number of FPP points you earn, and give cash bonuses for milestone points reached. Titan Poker requires you to earn and maintain your status every 1 month, whereas Carbon needs you to maintain every 60 days. To be fair, Titan Poker does NOT have your points decay (slowly delete) like Carbon’s does though.