Carbon Poker Bonus Code

Part of the Merge Gaming Network, Carbon Poker is one of the cleaner designed and easy to navigate sites on the web. Part of what was once the, now also unofficially part of the “Team PIC” poker network. It offers a fast design, simple but clean and fluid game play with the richness and boldness of having reps like TJ Cloutier and Kenna James on board. They offer a 100% to $600 offer and definitely are worth checking out!

Getting Started on the Bonus

As you initiate your account, you’ll need to make sure that the Carbon Poker bonus code EPB500 is entered prior to completion, or the site will not give you the bonus offered here. You need to accumulate 500 VIP points for every $10 to be released over the lifetime of the bonus. Points are earned from contribution. Every $1 in rake earns 10 VIP points. This bonus is quite doable for people of any length, although it will take a while at the lower stakes to earn the $10 allotments. That’s not all! You even win cash payouts for achieving certain point totals, without spending points or having any commitment!

How to Clear the Bonus:

Like all sites, you need to play in order to collect the pay! works on the contribution method, so you need to contribute to the rake in order to get points. Every cent earns 0.1 points (10 points per hundred). At lower stakes, this can be a bit time consuming, but still possible. You definitely have a big shot at earning a lot of money in bonuses on top of the deposit bonus, so playing on Carbon is definitely sweet for those trying to find a lucrative site.

How the Carbon Poker Points work:

As you contribute to rake, you gain Carbon VIP points. The more points you earn, the more bonuses you earn on top of being able to clear your deposit bonus faster. Those points can be used primarily at first to unlock deposit bonuses. They can also be used for guaranteed tournaments, purchase items from the Carbon store, enter freerolls, real money sngs and more!

How to spend your Carbon points:

Like above, you can spend your points on all sorts of stuff. Tournaments for live seats in real world events, Carbon shop goodies, real money sit n’ gos and more! It’s definitely the site for the grinder!

Special Freerolls on Carbon:

Like before, the VIP freerolls can be bought into and won with no cost (except points), depending on your rank on Carbon. It’s definitely worth looking into for sure!


There are various other merge poker sites like Aced Poker or PDC Poker (formerly that are similar in nature to Carbon. You can also compare this site with say, CDPoker, which has a different site from a different network. Both offer deposit bonuses that are similar in nature, both offer tournaments that players can enjoy and ultimate do battle on. Carbon Poker offers a simpler structure for people to play on in the North American Market, whereas CDPoker, and any iPoker network is more catering towards European individuals.

CDPoker has points that are easier to earn, but also require way more to earn in order to earn their deposit bonuses. It really depends on the appearance where a player would want to sit down and play on! CDPoker and Carbon Poker both have exclusive ranks (Club CDPoker v. Club Carbon) which means that you need to decide by going on their respective sites and figuring out which site best caters to your expectations. Happy playing!

Remember to enter the Carbon Poker coupon code EPB500 in order to get the best possible bonus.