Mansion Poker Bonus Code

Another one of iPoker’s larger websites, Mansion Poker definitely offers a lot of action for the aspiring player. They have a 100% up to $500 initial bonus on their site. This page will help you understand the bonus and Mansion Poker’s rather large gift shop.

Getting Started on the Bonus:

In order to get started, the bonus code SUPERBONUS is needed to make sure Mansion Poker can track your benefits. Then you can begin on earning your 100% up to $500 deposit bonus. Every 650 MansionPoker points you earn releases $10 into your account. Like other sites, the higher the rake, the slightly more exponential your point earnings become. (For example, rake of a penny to nine cents gets you 0.2 points, but a rake from $3.01 to $5 gets you 13 points) VIP levels also help with multipliers for your points, which means more gifts at a faster level for the true high roller. As stated before, partial points are awarded as long as rake was collected.

How to Clear the Bonus:

Playing tournaments or cash games is what helps you clear the bonus at Mansion Poker. 20 points will be awarded to you for every $1 in tournament entry fee. There’s a graduated scale for cash games as to the number of points you can win, multiplied by any particular VIP program you belong to at the time. Rake only has to be as little as a penny before you start getting MansionPoker points. Sixty days are what you get to try and clear all of it. Any remaining part of the bonus is forfeited if not cleared by that time.

How the MansionPoker points system works:

As you clear rake, points are awarded to your account. As you progress through the VIP rankings, you earn more points per hand than someone at a lower VIP level. You can use these points in a wide variety of ways – from cashouts for points programs to jewelry to tournament entries. MansionPoker really does have it all covered with their points. The points also obviously help unlock your bonus, wherever it may be.

How to spend your MansionPoker points:

This is where MansionPoker points outshine a lot of the competition. There’s no end to the possibilities you can use your MP points on. Don’t have a lot? Spend on something more economically sound. Have a ton? Use them for cashouts or more luxurious items like watches or gaming consoles. Mansion Poker makes sure that you can never get bored of what they have to offer. It’s up to you to decide how many you can try to earn.

Special Freerolls at MansionPoker:

Special freerolls exist for various VIP levels, and depositor freerolls exist for first time depositors. Lots of play without risk in this regard.

Mansion Poker has a lot of competition from not just other sites, but those on the same network as Mansion Poker. Most notably would be those of CDPoker and Titan Poker. All three of them are on the iPoker Network, they all have start-up bonuses, freeroll for VIP members, and VIP tiers for grinders and casual players alike. They all cater to European audiences and know that they all have co-opted players that grind the prestigious ECOOP series of tournaments all iPoker network sites host.

You can also compare Mansion with PartyPoker. Party is a lot larger than Mansion, and has quite a history over Mansion. Although large, PartyPoker does not offer anything close to the kind of compensation Mansion Poker offers its players. The max Party offers is $15,000 for its top members. Mansion offers $100k per year with the right number of points earned.