CDPoker Coupon Code

If you want a large audience and can stay up the hours to play with Europeans, than CD Poker is for you. They have a 100% up to $600 (or more) bonus. This page will help explain CDPoker’s bonus and VIP program.

Getting Started on the Bonus

To get started, you need to input the referral code while entering your signup information. Then you can get started on the 100% up to $500 bonus that CDPoker has available. Every 1200 CDPoints gets you $10 released over the course of the bonus. Eventually, you will be able to release the bonus in full if you get enough points.

How to Clear the Bonus

Like any bonus, you need to play the cash games in order to win points that help unlock your bonus. Depending on the rake, the amount of points you earn goes up in a slightly exponential form. For example, if your hand has a rake of 25 cents to 50 cents, you get an entire CD point. If you only have 24 cents or less in rake, you only get .25 CD Points credited to your account. Every quarter increase in rake per hand after the $1 mark gets you another CD point (From a rake of $1, you get 2 CD Points. If your rake is $1.25, you would get 3 CD points) to a max of 10 CD Points per hand, even if you folded. Every tournament gives you 15 points per $1 contributed in tourney fees.

How the CDPoker Points System works

As you grind the cash tables, you get points based on the amount of rake per hand, and what VIP rank you are at. The higher your VIP rank, the more points you earn per raked hand (up to 16 CD points per hand at the Legends VIP level). These points help you earn not only prizes with your points, but also tourney entries and qualifiers for large freerolls that are exclusive and no cost to you! As you earn points, you also get to help unlock your bonus 1200 points at a time.

How to spend your CDPoker points

You can spend them on tourney entries for special tournaments, CDPoker shop goodies, even frequent Points-for-cash cashout promotions offers frequently on CDPoker. There’s a lot you can do with all those points.

Special Freerolls at CDPoker

You can enter new depositors freerolls (usually for $1,000 prize pool) upon your initial deposit. As mentioned above, you can also earn your way into specific freerolls based on your VIP status. The higher your status, the higher your freeroll qualification. These happen monthly and can help boost your roll with no cost to you.


There are a lot of sites on the iPoker network that are comparable to CDPoker. Most notably Titan Poker. Titan is on the same network as CDPoker and ultimately has a similar structure and feel to CDPoker. You can also compare CDPoker to another iPoker site – MansionPoker. They both also exist on the iPoker network, they both have sign-up bonuses, freerolls for beginners, shops to buy goods and services (although Mansion has a lot more luxury items in store than CDPoker).

MansionPoker and CDPoker both have casino games, which make it easy for people to take a break from poker if they got a bad beat, and play a bit of roulette to calm them down. CDPoker has a different VIP structure than MansionPoker, where CDPoker has more freerolls and smaller-end tournaments which are more accessible to lower-limit players, MansionPoker has their triple diamond club, which can earn you $100,000 bonuses every year (32 million points, 16 million every 6 months maintained at the triple diamond club).