Pineapple Poker

Pineapple Poker is played in very much the same way as Texas Hold’em; however each player is dealt three hole cards instead of 2. One of these cards must be discarded before the flop. Then play resumes exactly as a normal Texas Hold’em hand would take place. Three community cards are dealt followed by a round of betting, then two more cards are dealt one by one separated by a round of betting and then one more final round of betting.

Crazy Pineapple poker is again very much like Texas Hold’em but the extra card must be discarded after the flop. Then the hand takes place exactly the same as any Texas Hold’em hand. The game is also normally played in a hi-lo version. This means a low hand can win half of the pot is qualified. A low hand is any five cards under 8. The lower your highest card is the better, for example A2345 is the best hand possible for the low pot. If there is no low hand, the whole pot is awarded to the best high hand.

Where to play Pineapple Poker online