For those of you who are looking to download the Chili Poker software, follow this page to simplify the entire process. First of all, you can download the Chili Poker software here or visit their website to find other download links. Once downloaded, there are two options available to the users, one of which is to play with fake money and the other where the players can bet real money. To ensure you get the highest bonuses be sure to visit our Chili Poker bonus code page as well.

However, there are some minimum PC requirements to download Chili Poker software:

  • RAM requirements are at least 64MB
  • You need to have Windows 95 or later installed.
  • At least 20 MB of free disk available on your PC.

Since does not yet off instant play games, a download is necessary. You must do the download even before you create your Chili Poker account. Windows as well as Mac users can download this software from the link provided. Once the entire file is downloaded, you should run the .exe file and install it in your computer. This process should just take a couple of minutes. As soon as the software is installed, you will be directed to the main lobby where you can take a look at all the games at Chili Poker. Next you need to register for site and pick your username and password. The software can hold your information making this a one time only process. Each time you open Chili Poker your information will be kept and ready for you. So if you haven’t checked out Chili Poker yet, be sure to download their software, create an account and take advantage of the great bonuses.