CD Poker

CD Poker is a famous site that is well known on the iPoker network. It has a long history of offering large tournaments to European audiences and offers both play and real money versions of their casino games. They currently do not accept US players due to legal restrictions in that country. If you want one of the biggest names on iPoker, it’s CD Poker.


CD Poker uses the standard iPoker network layout and software. You’ll have to remember your CPR number to make sure if anything ever gets lost, you’ll have your information handy to you. Security shouldn’t be an issue, and disconnects should be rare if you have a strong Internet connection. The customer service might be overly anxious to get you to create a real money account by the time you register, so just ignore them and go at your own pace.


As one of Europe’s largest poker sites, CD Poker is brimming with people at multiple stakes waiting to play! If you want a lot of action, with great multi-tabling capabilities and little lag, CD Poker has you covered. You can easily have 4-6 or even more tables open at the same time, helping you grind points towards clearing deposit bonuses or other good stuff. There’s always a game (or many more) going on whenever you play at 50c/$1 or even the 1/2 and 2/4 games. Europeans have an advantage with the euro over the US $ so the games can be a bit looser as they are playing with US dollars on the site, meaning get your green and go!


Like with Paddy Power Poker, CDPoker has a strong European base, with similar tournaments (including the Euro Championship of Online Poker). The buyins can range from fifty-five cents to $2100 or take a shot at a high roller sit n’ go for $530. If you know how to grind tournaments well, CD Poker should offer you quite a substantial reward. The timeframe for most tournaments is geared for European audiences, but North American audiences can also take a shot at what could be a life changing amount of money.

Game Variety

If you like poker, you can play a variety of versions of poker with CD Poker:

Texas Hold’em: Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, No Limit
Omaha: Omaha Hi and Hi/Low
• Stud: Five or Seven-Card Stud variants

You can also play a number of casino games, including blackjack, Caribbean stud poker and slots! Where you spend your money is up to you.


Loose, fast action is the name of the game with CD Poker. Nits need not apply. The action is fast paced and the pots can get furious with the right table. Don’t let the action stop you from playing your A-Game and taking down the house! There are a lot of aggro-donks that have more money than brains (good for you!) and want to shove every hand to get you off of it. If you have the cards and the ability to stand your ground, you should be able to nail them.


Low minimum deposits ($10 US) and many deposit options help depositers of all walks of life get any money they want onto the site. They are listed below:

• Credit card
• Maestro
• Neteller
• Click and Buy
• Moneybookers
• Click2Pay
• InstaDebit
• POLi
• My Citadel
• Diner’s Club
• WebMoney
• And so many more!

It’s almost impossible NOT to find a way to get money on!

Customer Support

While they persist on new members the moment they join, they are quite accessible and have frequently available people for support. Email or live support can usually be reached whenever you need!

Promotions and Sign Up Bonus

They do have generous signup bonuses (100% bonuses for example) whenever you want to put your money on board. Just let them know and be ready to be nearly overwhelmed with information. The options are up to you without a doubt.


The points you collect can help you enter tournaments, but the clarity of the point bonuses is there too. You can definitely explore whatever you need to make sure that those CD FPP points are working for you!